I found a few new games that I wanna play from E3.

So, I watched E3 for the first time ever (I know, I’m way late). Well, mainly it has been because I’ve never wanted any spoilers nor felt the need for it. I’ve found the games I wanna play anyhow by other means.

But this year I thought, hey, let’s see what all this E3 fuss is about. And I didn’t regret it. Well maybe it is because of all the games I got so excited for. There were surprisingly many titles that I’ll be waiting for, and a few titles that I never thought would come.

For example, Elder Scrolls 6 is a huge drop for me, and I bet it is for a lot of people.
I don’t particularly liked Skyrim but I love both Oblivion and Morrowind so I can’t wait for this game.

Another game that I have been waiting for is Cyberpunk 2077. Saw the first trailer back in 2013 I think. With romance, male/female gender, customization and more, what can go wrong?

Also another game on my waiting list is We Happy Few, a trailer I saw some time ago that piqued my interest. It’s already in Early Access on Steam but I’ll wait.

A game I recently got my eyes on is Fallout 76. At first I thought I’d be really bummed that the game wouldn’t be a singleplayer game like the rest but I’m not. I’m sitting here thinking “Hey, an online fallout game? I want that!” So I’m super excited.

Something I got super excited about as well is the new Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. While I haven’t really played any of the others, I couldn’t help to be excited about this one. You can play as a girl, you have romances and all that. Feel free to tell me if any of the other Assassin’s Creed has something like that as well. I hope it drops for PC.

Another big title I swore to myself that I wouldn’t play is Kingdom Hearts 3, but when I saw what I believe is Kairi in white hair, I just have to despite it all!

Unravel 2 is another game I’ve not played the first of but both looks so much fun.

The other games that I found really interesting on E3 were:

Twin Mirror This game did not get the attention it seem to need at E3 imo. It reminds me a bit of Deadly Premonition for some reason…

Starfield It’s not much but still, a new huge game from Bethesda, I’m hyping.

Sea of Solitude

The Quiet Man

Skull and Bones


Marvel’s Spiderman

Trials: Rising

Also, an honorary mention to Trover Saves the Universe but I’ll prolly never play it as it seems to be PS4 and PSVR only. Also it’s from the makers of Rick and Morty.

Wth, what’s up with Hello Neighbor?

So, I came across a trailer for a game called Hello Neighbor. I clicked it up just because I read a comment that the person found it interesting as he likes Alien Isolation. I was like… wut? The game looks like something from a cartoon or something. So, when I watched the trailer I can’t help but to feel that I really need to try this game!

In the Valley of Gods, from the makers of Firewatch!

So, I just saw a trailer for this game, In the Valley of Gods, coming out in 2019 and I got excited instantly. I really liked Firewatch, it had a lot of heart. So I really hope that this game will have that too. The trailer shows two women who climbs through Egyptian ruins. It makes me wonder if you actually will have people to interact with in this game instead of just talking to them over a radio.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance, is it out soon?

So, for quite a while ago I posted about Kingdom Come: Deliverance and couldn’t wait for it to drop. I still can’t wait and it’s been almost 4 years. It piques my interest more and more each time I hear something about it.

I just hope I can play as a woman. I’ve seen videos around talking about it but haven’t checked to much. Overall it still looks so beautiful and badass. Hopefully it drops soon.

Merry Christmas! (2017)

JulgranSo, another year of self reflection and a few more positive realizations. This Christmas has been the best in a long time. A low key, lots of gifts kind of Christmas. Just enjoying life with the one you love is really all you need. And I’m truly happy to have the best person there is. Especially as he gives me games like P5 (PS3), Folk Lore (PS3), Mario Party 4 (Gamecube), and Soulcalibur 2 (Gamecube). I’m dying to play them. ❤

We got our self a really tiny, chubby tree this year. The pile of gifts were almost bigger than the tree (if we hadn’t put it on a chair). This, and tasty food while watching holiday movies is the best. This year we’re watching Christmas Cruelty which we finally got a hold of after years of search.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Liebster award!

LiebsterAward-2So, I’ve seen blogs with nominations/awards around the internet but I never thought I’d be one of them myself. Thank you Rei.
Apparently I am supposed to answer the questions below and then send it forward.


What makeup product is top of your wish list right now?
None, I don’t really use makeup anymore. Maybe some fun vibrant hair color though.

What would your perfect relaxing day involve?
Cuddle up with lots of soft stuff in the sofa and play a really good RPG.

What motto do you live by?
Live your life to the fullest, because you can’t respawn.

Where have you not visited but would love to?
I guess I have to go with Japan, all the things they have there are fascinating.

Three things you would take if you were stranded on an island?
My music, a knife and a modded PSP.

Favorite meal of the day? 

Most embarrassing moment of 2016 so far?
Tripping on a bottle during a concert with Raubtier, almost took a few down with me…

Best buy of 2016?
Stardew Valley!

Do you have any pets?
Nope, I’m allergic.

Favorite thing about blogging?
Venting and getting my random opinions out there.

A blogger that I nominate:
Because she has given me lots of comments, things to think about and have way valid thoughts which I can’t say for many people.

As the questions are good, I’ll send them forward except “What makeup product is top of your wish list right now?” Change that to: “What game is on the top of your wish list right now?


A fun test to see your gaming style.

So, Cannot be Tamed yet again intrigued me into doing a post. This time its a test for your gaming style. The test came out really accurate and it was fun to do.

Apparently I’m an Action-Oriented, Spontaneous, Relaxed, Gregarious, Deeply Immersed, and Creative gamer, though the action part isn’t really all to accurate.

The two that I got almost full on both were the Immersion and the Creativity. And they fit me perfectly. I spend so long on customizing a character to get her just right. From face to name. I think it’s an important thing in games so I get excited when I get the option to do it.

Another fun thing in games are the exploration. Most games places things on the most random places just so we explorers can get that little cookie for the “effort” even though we do it for the sake of the world.

Here is the link for the site. What sort of game style do you have?