A list of new RPGs for 2015+, it makes me giddy!

I recently added more games to my endless Games-to-play list and got giddy all over again so I thought I’d share some with you all!

else Heart.Break()


Cyberpunk 2077

After Reset



Ori and the Blind Forest

Deus Ex: Universe
Didn’t have a video but it’s coming!

4 responses to “A list of new RPGs for 2015+, it makes me giddy!

  1. Wow look at all these shiny new games! (And seeing more Steampunk genre lately? I am liking that!)

    – Is this added onto your current list? Because you have a -lot- of games to play! :-O Where do you find the time?! Hehe. You truly love games πŸ™‚

    – Think one day you’ll ever see games get so bad you lose interest? Or will you always hold hope for a shining game in the pile of rubbish?

    – Think you’ll find even more games after this list? Are you looking now?! Haha! So many games to play, and so little hard drive space to put them on! πŸ˜›

    else Heart.Break: Looks actually quite unique! Love the art style, and the dialogue system. Looking interesting, may have to give this one a looky.

    DEX: Makes me think of a classic SNES side scroller! Or Sega Megadrive. I like this one a lot! πŸ˜€ I will definetly try this one!

    Cyberpunk 2077: Saw this ‘teaser’ some time ago, and it really was a teaser! Hardly showed anything, but what it did show caught my attention. Sadly haven’t seen much else come up for the game, but I have hopes.

    After Reset: Not sure what to think about this one. All them menus though, quite a lot of information to take in for this game, and thats only the character creation! But I do love being able to control all of my characters story. Get the character I want playing in the world they are! Will need some more info for me to get more interested in this one myself. πŸ™‚

    Frontiers: Looks like a shiny version of Rust, or similar in some respects. I have heard of this one before, but I think this Genre is slightly being overdone. Still! It looks pretty, but again, need to see more to be persuaded myself.

    Hellblade: Maker’s of Enslaved? Odyssey to the West? Okay, that got me interested alone! But not much to show as of yet from the trailer, however this has perked my interest! I did love Enslaved, if its the same game they’re talking about.

    Ori and The Blind Forest: Okay, this looks beautiful. Kinda makes me think of Limbo but with colours. I will keep an eye on this, those smooth animations and beautiful scenery caught my attention straight away! Hopefully the story is as enthralling.

    Deus Ex: Universe: I haven’t played the latest Deus Ex, but I did like the original one I played on PS2. While difficult to understand at first as I was younger, I appreciated it more as I aged and matured. Might not get this though, as the latest didn’t interest me.

    Another great list here! Hope you aren’t overdoing yourself too much with all these games, but I guess having so many keeps you busy for the later ones to release and then can move straight onto them.

    Game on!


    • Yeah they are added to my list, filling up 1Β½ pages in a document. I’ll still look for more and my hope will never flicker.

      After Reset is on this list for the options alone, to be able to change race, gender, everything! makes the game so much better. You sure haven’t played many games like that, have you?

      My interest piqued for Frontiers because the mention of Daggerfall and the fact that it looks like a elder scrolls game that works without having to mod the hell out of it.

      The Ori game made me sad just by looking at the trailer, such a sad story…

      The Deus Ex one for PS2 is a port to console, it’s a PC game at heart so shame on you for not playing the epic PC game.


      • Haha πŸ˜€ “My Will shall never falter!”. The Will Of Gamers πŸ˜› And wow, so many games, so much fun waiting to be had! So many stories to be told! So many decisions to unwravel!

        Yeah that is a ton of options, didn’t say it was a bad thing though! I love being able to choose so much πŸ˜€ Shame we don’t get so much choice in more games, most I see is in MMO’s and thats mainly really visual look then story.

        Yeah, Frontiers, Rust, those types of open-world exploration/survival games perked up a lot more lately but none were really RPG’s. More just Survival. Still, this is just the beginning! Imagine what the future holds for RPG game’s πŸ™‚

        All sad stories have a beautiful side, and thats normally the main character. They’re beautiful for what they hold, and it’s saddening to see them in such a situation as they have.

        I wasn’t a PC Gamer much then! Plus the PC I did have could barely play something like Chess, let alone Deus Ex… 😦 Was the family computer also.

        – Do you feel consoles play a vital role in todays games industry though? Do you feel the competition between consoles/PCs brings motivation to create better games for either? Or do you feel the porting and such is too over-done and ruins it all? And for that matter, do you think mobile gaming/social network gaming has ruined the outlook on more complicated games like RPGs.


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