So, this is a game, that’s called Fahrenheit, that I played quite a while ago, but felt that I should share it with you all. It is also called ‘Indigo Prophecy’ in some places.

The story in Fahrenheit is different from other games I’ve played and so are the telling of it as it is an ‘interactive film’. The game takes you for a ride that you’ll never forget. You take control over a guy named Lucas Kane, that one night kills a person in some sort of trance. From there you need to escape the place to figure out what happened and why it happened to him.
Meanwhile you also take control over the two cops Carla Valenti and Tyler Miles, in their hunt to get the killer.


This is a typical console game in the sense that you push buttons repeatedly to handle the task at hand, but luckily it only happens a few times in the game and the story isn’t really that long which is really sad because it is so interesting and intriguing.
You get to meet a lot of different characters, and solve things by looking, touching and thinking. You also have a meter of sorts that measures how the character you’re currently playing is feeling. Stressing him or her out could eventually end up in the character going crazy or even dying. This could be fixed by doing things to calm the person down, even eating or drinking some water.

The graphics in the game are really nice, and the story is told with boxes showing different angles or other things as they are happening and text here and there in certain scenes.

There is also two occasions in the game where you’re having sex, one is interactive and the other is cinematic, which added a more true feel to the game even though the story was rather dark and sinister. Fahrenheit is the uncensored game, where all the story is intact while ‘Indigo Prophecy’ is censored.

Fahrenheit_Screens_07 ss-fahrenheit-001
The music that is available in the game during the time when Lucas is at home (on his stereo), is really nice so I’ll mention it here that it’s Theory of a Deadman, and the songs that are played is ‘Say Goodbye’, ‘Santa Monica’, ‘No Way Out’ and ‘No Surprise’.

With that said, this is one game worth playing as I’ve mentioned before in another post as well.
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