Mass Effect: Andromeda, what a sad disaster…

So, quite few days ago I finished Andromeda and I couldn’t really bring myself to blog about it. Yet another disaster and I didn’t really wanna have to rant. Again. But here I am, going to rant about what a shitty game this really is. Maybe I should start out with what few points Andromeda really did well. Sadly I can count them on one hand.

The cast is great, the missions for them are fun and somewhat different from the other quests that were in the original franchise. There were some great arcs and fun quests to do. Though I can’t in my wildest dreams understand why people love “Phoebe”. She was really poorly done with a cliche personality. Sure, Cora were the same, as well as Vetra. Yay, the female cast including Ryder sucked. Woho.
However, the movie quest must have been one of the most fun quests I’ve ever done. I just wished it could have been grander and maybe incorporated romance a bit.

Some of the scenes were nice, when there actually was a cutscene which really didn’t happen often. The game sure lacked those compared to the original Mass Effect. Even though the companions were nice, the romance options were lacking, once again. I had to pick between two guys or what felt like every female in game. Sure I’m all for romance between sexes but do I really have to be force fed it myself? Do I really need to go lesbian to enjoy some romance? How come guys can get so much more than females? Well, at least I got to see some man ass, even though the sex scenes faded to black.

Overall the gameplay was poor. It lacked the deepness and story that I associate with Mass Effect. You went from planet to planet, time and time again, without it ever feeling like an open world game. The quests just kept coming, more empty than the last. In the end, I just finished the main quest as fast as I could as I was sick of it. I tried to like it for what it was but it was just to poor. The loading times were the worst. Took forever to just start the game, and that was before the title screen. It loaded just as slow after. I managed to do millions of things in between, which made it just that much worse.

Speaking of long loading screens, the game crashed on a few occasions as well, making me wait longer for the loading than I actually spent playing the game some days. Throw in some other glitches like companions staying dead until I reload, some people hang the game when I talk to them and that some battles were like a slideshow, and there you have Andromeda. I play on a beast of a machine so lag shouldn’t be a problem.

Also, the fact that I played on low graphics should have helped, right? Not at all. I played on low graphics as I couldn’t stand the stupid “bookeh” and other strange effects. The low graphic settings made the game more beautiful, what gives?

The game didn’t give me any sense of achievement either. It had neither good quest rewards nor a want to level up as it didn’t have any skills that I really wanted to invest in. In the end I just placed some points to get anything, but I still finished the game with many points left not spent. The enemies were few but reused way to many times, in multiple boring battles that just seemed to go on forever.
Speaking of forever, I really could go on forever with all the downsides of Andromeda but then the post would be way to long. I couldn’t have been more disappointed with this game. Even Skyrim with its lack in everything and DA: Inquisition with the overly buggy hands were better than this. Where did it all go so wrong?

Overall, a poor game for a short spanned and young generation. I’m pondering if I’ll even play the next Mass Effect coming out, I don’t think so.


Am I the only one thinking of Dragon Age with the new ESO pre order?

So, just saw the new trailer for ESO: Morrowind and the pre content that you can get. A Warden costume for the new Warden class and a Dwarven War Dog, I mean really?

Couldn’t they come up with anything else? Like a druid for example? Who aren’t thinking of Dragon Age with the Wardens? Is it just me?

I’ll absolutely try it however cause, you know, Morrowind. But the creativity sure runs loooow nowadays.

Grey’s Anatomy must be one of the worst games I’ve tried.

a012e2830574d257b5a5a39c950805d7c909f6a6So, in my hunt for romance I stumbled upon this game which is based on the TV series. I figured it would be bad, but as the series is full of triangle drama, romances and all that, it would at least give me something. It was just one of those casual afternoons, where I just want something casual, and so I thought: “It can’t be that bad, right?”

Oh, how wrong I was. This game is one of those really cheap games that just got pushed out for the money. The graphics are really bad, the characters barely even look like the cast and the gameplay is just mini game after mini game with no challenge what so ever. The romance parts in this are very few and to far apart. On top of that, they’re cheesy and random. Not that the series is that much deeper really, but still.

This game feels like it is only for kids or idiots (probably both) as each choice you make is a mini game with little or no point what so ever. You get to fold out paper, flick away bad thoughts or cut through photos. The other mini games are “surgeries” where you get to operate on brains, give shots and fix broken bones. Don’t be fooled. These flash games are the worst of the whole game.

After what felt like millions of surgeries, I couldn’t take it anymore. I could easily compare this to Dinner Date but even that is somewhat more interesting than this. Damn…

Whatever you do, so not play this game. Ever.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is looking rather nice and rather bad.

So, the reveal trailer for Andromeda just dropped the other day and I have to say that I’m  actually looking forward to it, my naive mind wants so badly for it to be good. But I’m also worried over how much it’ll probably suck.

Dragon Age: Inquisition wasn’t a good game compared to Origins, and I doubt that Andromeda will be anywhere near Mass Effect 1 and 2. Even though I’ve heard that this will indeed include romance, I can still not see it remedy it all.

Things seems to have been removed and certain aspects seems to have been dumbed down. The MMO aspects of Inquisition, for example, seems to be put in here as well. Yay…  I suppose only time will tell. Hopefully it’ll drop, sooner rather than later.

What did you think ?

Dragon Age: Inquisition. Hype, hype, hype… eeeh meh.

There might be glaring spoilers in this.
So, last night I finished Inquisition and what can I say? I really wished it would be better than the second, that it would go back to the roots of the first. But what I got was all the glaring faults and poor characters from the second with even more poor things added in.

Firstly, the MMO aspect of the whole game. Mounts, killing 10 bears for their pelts, all the infinite spawning enemies when running around, the “large” areas which were only bothersome, and the fact that the main quests on the “war table” cost me points I needed to collect. Also the fact that most of the talks in the game were “overhead”, run past talks just made it feel even more pointless.

Secondly, to be so lazy as to bring in all of the old poor characters such as Cassandra, Varric, Cullen, and Hawke of all damn people. Other people to be drawn into the mess were Morrigan, Alistair, Flemeth and Lelianna. The fact that Flemeth were pulled in again after the second game, (where she appeared despite the fact that she was killed in the first/has a huge role in the first which played out simultaneously,) just felt poor and forced. Since when is she an elven goddess?

Though, the other companions wasn’t really anything to cheer about either. They are rather bland, with no real unique personality. The large tank, the brooding elf, the warrior, and so on. There weren’t a single one that I felt did anything for me to like in any way, but as I will take romance wherever I get in in games, I chose Blackwall.

That brings us to the third point, which is actually a bit of a praise. The romance aspect of this game worked rather well. It is incorporated well into the storyline and Blackwall’s story twisted in a way I didn’t expect. However, it lacked in certain aspects that would have made it even better. Like the fact that you could “talk” about your relationship but the only option you got in there were to kiss. Wow thanks. Clicking that game me this awkward kissing scene that looked like something out of a poor porn movie.

Speaking of the “war table”, the whole war theme of Inquisition just ruined the whole feel of Dragon Age and the fantasy aspect that used to have. To just narrow this down to a war game with magic and elfs made me barely finish it. Making a game like this tie in way to much to real life and the struggles we face just makes me dislike it more.

Also the fact that they randomly push in a transgender person in there just felt so tactless. Now, I don’t have anything against transgenders per se, but to roll on the whole transgender business in a fantasy game just for the attention is poor. The fact that she is neither female or male and that her story is rather thrown in your face just felt as if to just scream that there is a transgender in there. Just felt more like a slap in the face than anything else.
Speaking of hands, a while ago I wrote a post about how bad hands are in games and how I couldn’t believe that they don’t get more love. Well, Inquisition just gave me a huge fuck you and made me spend the entire game looking at the monstrosities my Inquisitor had. In. Every. Cutscene. Must have been a poor glitch but damn.

All in all, if I don’t count the war theme, the war table quests or the MMO aspect, the game is playable but nothing I would recommend.

Ranting as usual.

So, games today, are they just something to buy and show off to friends only? The more games you have to show, the longer your e-penis is? The more achievements you have, the greater your skills are?

I’ve seen and talked to people who show off their mile long lists from Steam, only to make me realize that most games on those lists have one or more versions or other things that make the lists longer.

I’ve also heard about people buying any and all games, even games for younger children, to earn more achievements that give little to no hassle. Doesn’t anyone nowadays have any strive or sense of accomplishment?

Kids grow bored with games for no real reason and change to another like I change my socks. They think games are to hard, to long, to boring and/or to unrealistic. They juggle multiple games only to be accepted at school or wherever and think they have the right to use titles like “Gamer” when they’re simply players who can’t even commit in the slightest.

This is a topic that might be old news on my blog but it never cease to amaze me. It makes my insides boil whenever I hear about it.

Are games just another trend nowadays?

So, Fallout 4 just dropped a while ago and while talking about it with my friends, it got me thinking. Why are people today so accepting with being fed almost poor beta games to test even though its their official release dates?

I’m not saying that Fallout 4 is just that as I haven’t tried it but Bethesda does have that reputation for poorly fixed games.
Why are people accepting quantity when we should demand quality? Do people not want that anymore? Are we just getting reduced to drooling sheep who can’t think past what they feed us?

Is games nowadays only about shiny things and reputation? Hype and complete blindness? “Gamer girls” and show offs?
Has gaming gotten to the point where the only ones playing are doing it for the trend? The word ‘Gamer’ have surely gotten that treatment as its used for anyone nowadays, even people watching Let’s Plays.

I’ve realized that I can’t continue playing games soon and it is just because people can’t think longer than their own nose. People nowadays buy the newest computers and parts only cause companies say it won’t work otherwise. It does. I’ve had my computer on highest setting in games for 5-6 years before the recent need for 64bit changed it. But it has gotten to the point where companies place their name on things and soon you actually have to buy a whole new computer for each and every game. Where will it stop or will it go full circle?

I wonder if games ever will go back to what it was. Small scale, not so popular and glorious. Where games actually took you for a ride instead of being the latest talking trend.