Phantasmagoria, my first time trying an interactive horror movie point-and-click.

So, yesterday I finished playing Phantasmagoria, and being a interactive horror movie point-and-click game from 1995 played in DOS, it is rather good looking.

However the game leaves much to be desired, with a story that it way to similar to The Shining. Roberta Williams, the author for this story, should have done more with it rather than leaving it at the lowest of efforts.

The effects, videos and graphics are actually well done. It is surprisingly gory with good details and a interesting world to explore. The world actually feels more alive than many games nowadays.

The full motion videos really added to this game, the plus with this is that I don’t have to put up with bad hands. Though jokes aside, the use of real actors is really well done and they interact well with the world.

Besides being gory, it also features sex scenes that, albeit looking really poor today, must have packed a punch when it came out. Especially when one of them is a rape-scene with the main character, which fit rather well due the to story.  Though, adding comedy to the mix as it did for no real impact in the story what so ever just felt forced and a way to bring the story forward in a proper deus ex machina manner.
pc-31103-91311640969It would take maybe a day at most to play through it all, that is depending on how much you explore and how well you find things. The game is really not holding your hand, as it lets you go all the way to the end only to realize that you’re actually fucked if you missed some things earlier.

The game is really entertaining for what it is, and I’d say well worth to play though at least once.

3 thoughts on “Phantasmagoria, my first time trying an interactive horror movie point-and-click.

  1. I remember how gruesome I felt this game were back when it were released, the murder scenes were rather nicely done in my opinion, then at least.
    Those and that it came on 7 CD’s is something that stuck to my mind about the game.


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