I love the new DLC for HouseFlipper, GardenFlipper!

So, I recently tried GardenFlipper and damn what a nice DLC. I’m not much for DLCs usually but that one is a good addition to the game.

Lots of flowers, outside stuff and other fun things. You can make the outside look just as good as the inside or even better. In my opinion, it’s really needed for the game so if you haven’t gotten it yet, do it now!

Expanding my blog a little bit… (plus a little video tour!)

So, not that long ago I moved into a new apartment and got myself a little garden. I’ve been wanting one since last year so when we found this apartment, I knew I needed it. I realized around the beginning of last summer that I wanted something to take care of and water every day before work so I got some plants. Found out that I love it more than I thought and got a lot more. I wrote about it in my New Years post as well.

Lately I got the thought that I wanted to share my love for plants and what better place than my blog? So, I’m thinking of mixing my game part of the blog with a new part for all my plants and stuff like that.

Another things I’ve found funny lately is to talk in videos. Yeah I know, it’s so last year, or well maybe several but I’ve always had this irrational fear of speaking to people. So expect there to be way more videos on this blog with talking, showing and all kinds of funny stuff.

So, at first the garden looked like this:

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I thought it would take me ages to tame this unruly garden. Especially when I wanted and still want to change everything about it! Things were overgrown since at least before the winter last year and just a mess. I wanted to remove everything and change it up.

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So far so good, it took way less time than I thought it would and I am really satisfied with the results. I can’t wait for next summer when I can start planning to get a little pergola as well. For now, I just need some new plants for the empty side. I got a dwarf lilac and a mock orange, they smell so good!

So far, only the left side is growing and well, it’s growing like crazy!

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Be sure to check out my tiny tour of the little garden!