Hardcore Henry, it actually looks like a game.

So, last night I watched Hardcore Henry, and while it might not be a game movie per se, it was really damn close to it, or as least I thought so.

The whole story, point of view, how it plays out, and all the random action scenes was like it were taken directly out of a random action game and I have to say that I enjoyed it for what it was. It worked well for a movie.

The main guy, Henry, suffers from memory loss after being resurrected and has no voice because he never get a voice modulator installed and doesn’t speak through the entire movie, the others just does it for him. As the story progresses, he gains more skills and techniques as if he were leveling up throughout the movie. In the end, you realize that he’s not another human that has been caught up in a random story, he’s a bio-engineered soldier with no memory.

As I watched it, I thought of games like Mass Effect 2, Bio Shock: Infinite, Deus Ex and Dishonored, and it was all really well put together.

Visually, this movie is beautifully made with good and realistic effects. I read somewhere that it was sponsored on Indiegogo and I have to say, good work.
hardcore-henry-movie-review-9If you haven’t watched this movie yet, I suggest that you do because it is a really entertaining movie.


Movie: Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie


So, what the f did I just watch?

Regularly I’m really not one for YouTube hype but I just had to see this movie as some of the episodes that I’ve seen in passing are rather funny. I get that the movie is supposed to look bad, be low quality and so on, but the jokes are still really bad and lame despite it all.

The story is about the nerd who’s finally talked into reviewing the worst game of all times despite his greatest efforts not to. The Atari game E.T or as the movie calls it Eee Tee. The story has some really random parts and some poor characters.

The movie itself is rather low quality and some parts are so bad that they’re funny. However the usage of stereotypes makes me a bit annoyed as he states himself in his videos how he hates cliches but uses them himself in this movie. For example, the comment for Mandi in the movie; “She’s not a girl, she’s a gamer”. So what, now we’re a completely separate entity? Also the stereotypical “black mom” and the fact that nerds can’t have girls are just a few things I didn’t expect from him.

The nerd in this movie isn’t as foulmouthed and “extreme” as he is in his episodes which makes this movie way more boring than it could have been. The AVGN episodes is much better and I recommend watching them instead of this.


Movie: Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist

“Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist is a live-action web series, TV series and feature film in the martial arts film genre developed by director, fight choreographer, writer, actor and martial artist Joey Ansah; actor, writer and martial artist Christian Howard and Academy Award-nominated film producer, Jacqueline Quella.” – Wikipedia

So, just the other day I watched the movie Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist and I have to say that it was really good, there were things that were true to the games and the characters in the movie are really similar to the characters in the game.
The story is about Ryu and Ken, growing up and learning all there is to learn to fight. The effects are really nice and the movie is overall beautifully done. I won’t spoil the movie so I’ll just stop here. It is really worth watching, so go and do it now.

– Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist on IMDB

Movie: Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker


May contain spoilers for both Dragon Age 2 and the movie.

The movie, the animated movie made by Bioware and FUNimation, wasn’t the best animated movie I’ve ever seen.
The whole story, as I saw it, is that it’s mixed between the time of the first Dragon Age game but is all about the character Cassandra Pentaghast, the woman interrogating Varric about Hawke in the game, and as I hate Dragon Age 2, the thought was with me as I started to play the movie that it was going to suck, tho I was wrong. Just a little wrong…

I’m not saying that it didn’t suck, some scenes were rather cool with all the dragons and ‘omen’ children but it still had the feeling of DA2 all over it, and neither the story nor the characters could help it. As for the mages, why didn’t they use their awesome magic? Instead of going hand to hand in combat against their enemies…

What I really liked about the movie was that finally the woman was the hero as well as not being a damsel in distress at all. There needs to be more women in both games and movies that can truly kick ass.

Another rather negative thing is that it were only released in US and Japan, or so I’ve heard anyways.

So it seems that this post became a rather raging one but the story of Dragon Age is really awesome, as least the first game and I would LOVE to see that in a movie someday, a true tribute instead of this.

Well I would love to see a true tribute to any RPG that I love but that will never happen as we have Uwe Boll to thank for that…

Now I will end as it’s just getting worse, so see the movie at your own risk.

….Bioware, snap out of it, get back to your old self and screw EA!