I got an invite to an EX Raid!

EX Raid
So, a few weeks ago I got a message in Pokémon GO saying that I’ve been invited to an EX Raid due to my accomplishment on a gym I did some raid at last summer during a vacation. Awesome!

Problem was, the EX Raid was at that gym again, in another town, so I couldn’t go. So sad. I really wish I could have gone but as I’m in the middle of moving as well, it really wasn’t a choice.

Did anyone of you get an EX Raid this year so far?

Pokémon GO, anyone still playing that nowadays?

I do play it, from time to time, and today was one of those fun days when two of my Pokémon finally got their CP over 1k. Yay me, right?

It might not be that special, and I might be way slower than everyone else who played it, but I find it funny. I try to keep it casual, and not obsess about it.

Are anyone still playing this or is it a dead thing already?

Boarding the sheep train with Pokémon GO.

pokemongonewinfoSo, the other day my Galaxy S2 got a reflash and I updated to Lollipop to be able to try out this new craze everyone is talking about. While the application treats my phone as a cookie, and takes large chunks out of my battery each time I use it (or drain it all), I can sort of see why it has gotten such a liking. It’s familiar, cute and easy enough plus it makes you go out more.
photo424457981798755977I can’t see this holding in the long run however, the application itself is rather bare bone and offers barely any features. It must have taken the developers by storm that it got as big as it is now.

At first I was worried that I would have to pay2play with all the Poké balls I am throwing away but with the PokéStops around, that’s not really an issue.

As I mention earlier, the application makes you want to go out more and explore only to find more Pokémon, hatch new eggs or to get the distance achievements among other things. It is a fun twist to otherwise boring walks to the grocery store.
photo424457981798755976All in all, I think that it is an application worth trying out as it doesn’t cost a thing and a fun way to kill time.

Darkened dreams, I made an interactive novel!


So, the day is finally here when I can say that I have made an interactive novel. It might not be the longest out there, but I am really proud of it.

It might take around 10 minutes to play through. If you want all the endings, it might take a little longer than that.

It is my first try at something like this so if you have any critique and/or comments about Darkened Dreams, feel free to post them in the comments below.

Lifeline, can you save his life?

So, the other day I tried this game for my android phone, Lifeline. It has a really interesting concept, keeping the player waiting as the game decides when you can play and not.

You start the game, and you will get in touch with a man. This man is on another planet, and he needs your help. The game is time-based and as you help him along, he’ll disappear for a few hours or so each time. All you can do is wait for his next message. The messages will pop up on your notification bar as he comes back.

He’ll give you choices and you will be able to tell him what to do to keep him alive and safe. I found this game rather interesting and wanted him to respond faster so I could know how it all went.

Will you be able to keep him alive?

Choice of the Vampire

This is a text game, for your phone and pad, that is really entertaining and worth to read. It’s like a book, but you are the one making the choices and choosing where the story should lead you. The game holds love, fame, infamy, wealth and so on.

The text is well written and interesting and keeps me wondering what will happen next and what choices I get to push it forward. Depending on the character you pick, your choices differ, and you can’t answer the same thing depending how you have lived your life each time you replay it.

The first part of this game is free but the second part, if you wish to continue this story, will cost. I think this is a truly unique game in the mist of all those angry birds and other less interesting games. And it’s perfect for the vampire lover out there.

Find it on Google Play here:
Choice of the Vampire

The homepage here:
Choice of Games