Music: Ghost

“Black candles burn, all minds aligned.”

So, recently I was at a Ghost concert and I have to say that it was epic. Papa Emeritus II have such a voice and the whole performance was hauntingly good to say the least. I was standing almost at the front and got a good look of the band when they played. The energy that was in there with all the people was really nice as well.

I really enjoyed the performance and would love to see them again sometime.

Two other bands that were opening up for Ghost was:

   Night                                                                                                                                                Dead Soul

Machinae Supremacy: Concert

Recently I went and saw Machinae Supremacy live and it was, and is still, a moment of pure epicness. Though the sound could have been mixed a bit better and not been so loud. It ruined the singing. I had the time of my life and they are so good, people were jumping and singing along.

There were two bands that played before Machinae Supremacy. Those were:

Beneath my Feet
(With some help from Richard Sjunnesson from The Unguided and ex-Sonic Syndicate)