Cupid – A free to play visual novel, and a good one at that.

A bit NSFW!

So, I just played through Cupid and felt that I should share it.

I’ve played quite a few visual novels and this one is surely up there with the better ones.┬áThe game is a bit all over the place in the timelines, but the end really pulled me in and made my heart race. It was actually rather creepy, it surely took some turns that I didn’t see coming.

I didn’t think it would be a horror visual novel but I was rather intrigued that it is. The feeling throughout the game made me want to know more.

It has some adult content, rather poetically written with nice art to accompany it. I really liked the art, the characters and the music/sounds. I’d absolutely replay it to pick the choices I didn’t the first time.


Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles, it could have been something.

So, someone piqued my interest when he mentioned this new game saying it would be like Stardew Valley and those games.

It really wasn’t. The game has “farm” interactions where you collect animals and take care of them, plant seeds and expand but it’s nothing even remotely close to Stardew or any of the Harvest Moon games.

There’s no romance, no events, no marriage, no nothing. It gets boring rather quick. I managed to spend a few hours playing it, hoping for more but it just keeps on being rather bland.

The story is that the lands are covered with some dark stuff called “murk” that you need to clear. In order to do so, you need to collect sprites that can help you.

You can change your clothes, hair color, and other accessories. But some costs coins that you don’t really have as the game uses trading to get what you need/sell what you don’t.

However to give it some positivity, it’s very sweet, cute looking, and laid back. You run around in a rather small world and collect things, fix requests/quests for people and join guilds. The character reminds me a bit of that creepy main character in Animal Crossing.

I don’t know what else to say, there isn’t much more to the game really. All in all, it’s absolutely a game to kill time with but it’s not fun in the long run.

Deadly Premonition

Deadly_Premonition_cover_artSo, a while ago I played Deadly Premonition. I haven’t written about it until now because I had a flawed game that forced my aim to be limited to a rectangle only spawning across the middle of the screen. I didn’t notice this until the last part of the game, as most enemies would be well within range. The last boss however have a strange mechanic that forces the player to jump up on his shoulder, and shoot the small puppet in his pocket, and this was of course impossible so I stopped playing, waiting for a fix as I didn’t want to replay the game.

This game is really interesting, has a great story and is rather creepy with many things that makes you think if it’s real or not. Many aspects of the game comes together really well.
You play as FBI Special Agent Francis York Morgan, that has been called in to investigate the recent murders done in a small town, and it escalates into something huge. Involving you, Zach, old cases about a raincoat killer, red seeds and this poor town.

You solve cases, talk to your companions and wanders through worlds that you didn’t think existed. Still today I can’t really tell if some of the things that I saw in the game, was actually there or just a part of York’s brain. He looks in his coffee to get some clues after all.

I never fixed up my game, so I never really finished it. I definitely will someday. It is a great game. It pulled me in so much so I keep wondering from time to time how the game will end. As it is such a great game, I feel like it deserves a better review.

I’ll end it here, to update it some day in the future. Until then, I absolutely recommend this game to anyone who loves crime solving, roleplaying and really weird games in a good way.

“The coffee warned me about it.” – Agent Francis York Morgan

Age of Empires 2 – Regicide

So, I’ve been playing a lot of AoE (the original, not the HD version) lately and finding myself really loving it more and more. Either its me getting better at it or that I have learned more about it lately. Either way, its lots of fun, especially regicide.

We’ve been battling community made A.I.s like “The Horde” and “Barbarian”. We’ve tried a lot of different maps, game types and teams but I’ve always stayed with the Franks. They have the better paladins in the game and I love that playstyle. However the A.I.s are tough as shit. Damn. The most recent Regicide map we played though, we kicked ass.

  • Click here if you wanna try your hand at an A.I yourself. There are a few to choose from. Good luck!

Mass Effect: Andromeda, what a sad disaster…

So, quite few days ago I finished Andromeda and I couldn’t really bring myself to blog about it. Yet another disaster and I didn’t really wanna have to rant. Again. But here I am, going to rant about what a shitty game this really is. Maybe I should start out with what few points Andromeda really did well. Sadly I can count them on one hand.

The cast is great, the missions for them are fun and somewhat different from the other quests that were in the original franchise. There were some great arcs and fun quests to do. Though I can’t in my wildest dreams understand why people love “Phoebe”. She was really poorly done with a cliche personality. Sure, Cora were the same, as well as Vetra. Yay, the female cast including Ryder sucked. Woho.
However, the movie quest must have been one of the most fun quests I’ve ever done. I just wished it could have been grander and maybe incorporated romance a bit.

Some of the scenes were nice, when there actually was a cutscene which really didn’t happen often. The game sure lacked those compared to the original Mass Effect. Even though the companions were nice, the romance options were lacking, once again. I had to pick between two guys or what felt like every female in game. Sure I’m all for romance between sexes but do I really have to be force fed it myself? Do I really need to go lesbian to enjoy some romance? How come guys can get so much more than females? Well, at least I got to see some man ass, even though the sex scenes faded to black.

Overall the gameplay was poor. It lacked the deepness and story that I associate with Mass Effect. You went from planet to planet, time and time again, without it ever feeling like an open world game. The quests just kept coming, more empty than the last. In the end, I just finished the main quest as fast as I could as I was sick of it. I tried to like it for what it was but it was just to poor. The loading times were the worst. Took forever to just start the game, and that was before the title screen. It loaded just as slow after. I managed to do millions of things in between, which made it just that much worse.

Speaking of long loading screens, the game crashed on a few occasions as well, making me wait longer for the loading than I actually spent playing the game some days. Throw in some other glitches like companions staying dead until I reload, some people hang the game when I talk to them and that some battles were like a slideshow, and there you have Andromeda. I play on a beast of a machine so lag shouldn’t be a problem.

Also, the fact that I played on low graphics should have helped, right? Not at all. I played on low graphics as I couldn’t stand the stupid “bookeh” and other strange effects. The low graphic settings made the game more beautiful, what gives?

The game didn’t give me any sense of achievement either. It had neither good quest rewards nor a want to level up as it didn’t have any skills that I really wanted to invest in. In the end I just placed some points to get anything, but I still finished the game with many points left not spent. The enemies were few but reused way to many times, in multiple boring battles that just seemed to go on forever.
Speaking of forever, I really could go on forever with all the downsides of Andromeda but then the post would be way to long. I couldn’t have been more disappointed with this game. Even Skyrim with its lack in everything and DA: Inquisition with the overly buggy hands were better than this. Where did it all go so wrong?

Overall, a poor game for a short spanned and young generation. I’m pondering if I’ll even play the next Mass Effect coming out, I don’t think so.

Grey’s Anatomy must be one of the worst games I’ve tried.

a012e2830574d257b5a5a39c950805d7c909f6a6So, in my hunt for romance I stumbled upon this game which is based on the TV series. I figured it would be bad, but as the series is full of triangle drama, romances and all that, it would at least give me something. It was just one of those casual afternoons, where I just want something casual, and so I thought: “It can’t be that bad, right?”

Oh, how wrong I was. This game is one of those really cheap games that just got pushed out for the money. The graphics are really bad, the characters barely even look like the cast and the gameplay is just mini game after mini game with no challenge what so ever. The romance parts in this are very few and to far apart. On top of that, they’re cheesy and random. Not that the series is that much deeper really, but still.

This game feels like it is only for kids or idiots (probably both) as each choice you make is a mini game with little or no point what so ever. You get to fold out paper, flick away bad thoughts or cut through photos. The other mini games are “surgeries” where you get to operate on brains, give shots and fix broken bones. Don’t be fooled. These flash games are the worst of the whole game.

After what felt like millions of surgeries, I couldn’t take it anymore. I could easily compare this to Dinner Date but even that is somewhat more interesting than this. Damn…

Whatever you do, so not play this game. Ever.