Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – The Sith Lords (Modded)



Finally I finished kotOR 2 for the third time and I have to say that it is truly a great game.
The first time I played it, the game was vanilla and now I played it with lots of mods. And I have to say that with mods, it was a much better and a much more full game. The restored content were really needed and all the bug fixes too.

I played both as light and dark side and I don’t really know what side were the better. Light for feeling good about myself and helping people or dark for laughing like a maniac while executing everyone that I meet.

The party members are really awesome as well and my most favorite character have to be HK-47 with his smug statements and condescending remarks. And of course he is evil as hell.

Other characters worth mentioning are T3-M4, Bao-Dur and Atton. T3 for his truly cute demeanor and smart little metallic frame and Atton for just being him. Though I can’t really decide between him and Carth from KotOR 1. Bao-Dur on the other hand gets my attention for being such a “dramatic” with his whispering exclamations.

On the light side I made use of a smoldering dual wielding dex Weapon Master and on the dark side I played as an intelligent force using sexy Sith Lord.

I like the Star Wars universe and I like the movies but I have to say, the games is so much more epic. It’s hard to find the words. Even though a person might not like Star Wars, they would still love KotOR.

The mod “M4-78EP” is really a must have as well, the droid planet is so well done and you can hardly even notice the new wonderful voice actors. You would only hear them if you truly listened. I have to give a standing ovation for those who worked on “M4-78EP” as well as the “Sith lords restored content mod” and not to forget, all the other modders that are out there as well. Thank you!

On the droid planet, the story line with the jedi Vash is really fun to play through. It’s hard to separate that planet from any of the other planets as it is a really well done mod. And after reading the list of restored content in “TSLRCM”, I’m thinking “What was there to do in the vanilla game if this was restored now?” It’s crazy!

I have just three words to say; Play it now!

K2_00000 K2_00003 K2_00004K2_00001

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