The Last of Us…

So, I just finished The Last of us and … well, I have to say that it must be one of the worst and most uncreative games I have ever played. I’ve read that it has won awards and that it is seen as a really great game but I can’t for the life of me see how the game would even come close? I even have to say that even Dragon Age 2 is way better and oh how I complained on that game.

To start off this review, the game lack deep/proper story, choices, emotion and back story to all the characters. What have Joel and Tess been doing for the last 20 years? What kind of relationship did they have? What went down between Joel and his brother?
The fact that the characters are so emotionless around the death of people and that the game leave loose ends everywhere is another good reason to call this a bad game. Also the ending have to be one of the most idiotic, selfish and bullshit endings I’ve seen in a game but I won’t spoil for those that still wants to try it, not that it is worth it at all.

The fact that they are attacked by either clickers, bloaters, runners, or “evil hunters” aka humans, who truly have the need to kill them for whatever reason, every step of the way just makes the game so much worse, and how that makes a good game will always be beyond me. Battling against only 4 kinds of enemies makes the game even more repetitive. The game isn’t even good for exploration even tho the world around them looks large and beautiful.

17 hours later of meaningless killing and almost only one-liner cut scenes from each character just made me so disappointed. The only things that this game have going for itself is the gore and the graphics. I have nothing more to say…

DMC: Devil May Cry

So, sometimes I can feel that being sick has its perks, even though you feel lousy it makes you do things that you normally maybe wouldn’t do to relax or keep your mind of it. Like reading a book or playing something that you normally wouldn’t play but have lying around.

DMC was such a thing for me, I would never really play these games as they are no real interest to me and when I played this game, it just became so much clearer. The over the top cheesy lines, the kinda poor graphics (which I was a little bit surprised about) and poor story just made the game so much worse. The characters wasn’t so likeable and the ending has no twist, no surprise.

The game took me 15 hours to complete, and the game play is rather easy. The game was made up by different missions, with a lot of cut scenes. Most of the “cooler” moves was made by the game and hardly gave the player any control at all per se. You get style points for killing your enemies in different ways and after each mission you get ranked on that, D I suppose would be the lowest and SSS being the highest. A SSS ranking on a mission will also give you a trophy, as does a lot of other things.

If you want mindless button mashing then this game is for you, though this is a reboot of the older Devil May Cry, that I faintly remember hearing, were at least a bit more challenging.

Beyond: Two souls

So, the other day I finished Beyond: Two souls, made by the same people that gave us the wonderful games; Heavy Rain and Fahrenheit and I am blown away. Wow, what a game. Here I sat, hoping that it would be as good as its predecessors , but oh my god this game is miles better.

I think I’ll even go as far to saying that this might be one of the best games I’ve played in this kind of genre. I was close to thinking that it would be as good as Baldur’s Gate 2 and Planescape: Torment, but no, it doesn’t reach up there to them just only because it is a set characters in a set story.

The game itself is so beautiful and emotional. Ellen Page does the character of Jodie so well, with so much feeling and she is modeled after her as well. She is a good voice actor and beautiful too. I’ll even admit that I cried on several occasions, both happy and sad ones as the story pulled me forward.

Like Heavy Rain and Fahrenheit, you’ll make progress by pressing different button combinations or move the joystick on your controller in certain patterns, making Jodie jump, dodge or see things.
The game gives you many choices to form your path.

The graphics are breathtaking and the story is so well done and intriguing. It is both heart wrenching and heartwarming. Lot of twists and turns and filled with lovable characters that at least I will never forget. The use of motion capture in this game is perfectly done.

I mentioned that Ellen Page is the actor for Jodie, Willem Dafoe is another famous name that can be seen in there as Nathan Dawkins, a scientist that takes cares of Jodie throughout her life. Another character that has a known name, that at least I recognize, is Eric Winters, who portrays the hunk Ryan.

The story puts you in the shoes of Jodie, an extraordinary woman that has a… let’s call him friend, who’s name is Aiden, that will show you her life and take you on a mind blowing adventure that you’ll never forget. The game shows of several different locations as you are taken through different timelines in Jodie’s life.

The game has a few romance options as well, depending on how you play your game. It was making me smile on a few occasions.

I would like to write so much more about this game but to not spoil it all, I’ll end it here, but if you should play a handful of console games before you die, this have to be one of them.

Heavy Rain

So, I just finished a playthrough of Heavy Rain and I have to say that it is a remarkable game. The whole feel of the game is that you take charge in your own interactive movie. Taking your character through tasks such as showering, frying eggs and using the toilet to jump over things, dodging cars and solve puzzles. I had high expectations after playing Fahrenheit, I love that game and hoped that this would be just as good. I’m not disappointed, this really is a beautiful game.

You’ll see life from the eyes of a few people, mainly Ethan Mars, a poor father that have ended up in one of the worst situations one could imagine. The game takes you on an adventure filled with a lot of button pressing, making you use almost all of the buttons on the controller at some points. You have to press them, to perform actions, in the right time or face the consequences. The story takes a lot of turns and the ending might not be what you expected.

The story is intriguing, interesting and captivating. I couldn’t wait to see what happened next. If you haven’t played this game yet, you really should. This is one of those few games that should be played in a lifetime, that and Fahrenheit.

How far would you go to save the ones that you love?