Happy (yet again) late Halloween 2016!

So, this years Halloween has come and gone, and I have to say that it was a success. We even made it into an Halloweekend and had creepy food both Saturday and Sunday.
pumporAll the food I made came out perfectly, if I can say so myself. Even though I forgot to put eyes on the small pizza mummies. You learn as you go along, right?
In the end, I ended up with a few more dishes than we really could finish. I felt so creative. Horror themed food maybe should be something I do every time I cook.

This year, my town decided that it would have a “zombie race” of sorts. You could sign up as a runner, and there were an entire course filled with different obstacles for you to get through, along with zombies that wanted your brains. You had three lives, if you managed to get through the whole thing without losing any, you were rewarded with a “survivor badge”. If you lost them all, there were an “infected badge” waiting for you. I didn’t run, but I did see that you could sign up as a zombie as well but I was to late to the party.

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Also, this year I actually figured I’d hand out candy (for once) to the kids that comes by every year. But apparently kids around here has grown out of the dressing-up-phase so I refused to open. Boring kids. Thinking they can just walk up to my door with their small, greedy bags to just get candy for no effort what so ever. No way!

On top of all the epicness, instead of watching horror movies, we thought we’d play a good old horror game instead. So, we settled for the original Resident Evil for the PS1. I thought I’d post it as my Retro Weekend game, but apparently it took longer than two day to finish, (it’s longer than I thought), so that review will come up later. Overall, it is a rather intense and creepy game, so it fit perfectly. It’s actually better than I thought it’d be.

However, this year I didn’t dress up, but I did go to the “zombie race” wearing my all faithful teeth that I love so damn much. They are a really good buy and have already served me well a couple of Halloweens now, and will hopefully continue to do so.

Happy Halloween everybody!

Halloween 2013

So this year, me and my friends went out on Halloween for drinks, talks and costumes and this time I was dressed as a simple devil. I fixed the little horns, the black and red outfit that I thought was fitting and had a really good time.

Look kinda pissed, my boyfriend took pictures while I was being stressed!

Halloween 2012

So for this Halloween, I had to come up with a costume quickly as it wasn’t as planned as the other years.

My outfit for this year became a pirate vampire. I had the fangs from last year, the clothes in my wardrobe and all I needed were new lenses.

Here are some pictures of it all!
IMG_20121027_174008 IMG_20121027_174014 IMG_20121027_164724 IMG_20121027_164349 IMG_20121026_171008
Hope you all had/will have a wonderful Halloween as well!

Halloween 2011 pt. 2

This years Halloween were pretty fun, and the costumes were really cool, and the pictures are here!

And just cause its so sweet, I will put out a picture of our pumpkin for this year!


So here comes all of the pictures from this years awesome Halloween, I can’t wait for Halloween to come back next year again.
Therese >IMG_0782(2)< Me
Jonny >IMG_0773< Johan
Fanny and Therese
The bar that we went to with a gigantic dance floor.
 And some nastiness that I brought with me to eat at the party… they were NASTY!

Halloween 2011

So, Next weekend it’s celebrating Halloween for me and my friends, as we always dress up every year. This year I was thinking about going as Jeanette Voerman, from the game Vampires: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. It’s one of the first games that got me into the RPG genre and I love it, Vampires is a truly awesome game. If you haven’t played it I think you really should, the world as well as the characters are unforgettable! And the story is interesting and unpredictable.

> Jeanetteuntitled-jeanetteuntitledthereseTherese <

So me and my friend is dressing up as Jeanette and Therese and it’s going to be epic, though I bet that no one will know what we are when we go out clubbing.
Last year I went as a Silent Hill nurse and it was a hit, got many comments as well as looks as I passed by! It was really funny!


Here is a couple of pictures of my costume that I wore last Halloween.
The outfit was rather easy to make, it all includes:
– One nurse outfit or white dress, I used a nurse outfit with a little nurse hat.
– White gloves, preferable textile, to be able to stain them.
– Bandages, I used two, one for covering my hair and the other for my face.
– White pantyhose/tights.

I stained my clothes with a mixture of stuff like, water and cocoa and such, I can’t really remember it all but it’s just to mix things that look good.
I put my dress in tea first to make it look old and stained (to see how you do it, google silent hill nurses.) I also used white and blue theater paint, to get white and  paint veins all over my neck.

Then its just to get dressed when it’s all dried. I went around and smelled chocolate all evening ❤