Blood, passionate sex and epic stories can all be found in Baldur’s Gate!

So, I am sitting here and thinking about playing Baldur’s Gate again, from start to finish, Baldur’s Gate 1 to Baldur’s Gate 2 and I am looking through some of the mods that I have loved in the past and realized that they haven’t gotten the love they deserve, at least not here.

One mod that made me think about this is Tales of the Deep Gardens, a beautiful, well written mod that leaves me wanting more.
“Tales of the Deep Gardens allows players to travel through a new land, deep under Faerun; a realm of mystery, dream, Colourful Essences and riddles. Talk to people who may not even see you, try to find the answers to obscure riddles, fight with Living Colours and gather 10 Colours to leave the Gardens. But remember, Dreamer, that this place is something more than just a chain of caves… It may be a dream you’ll not want to wake up from…”

Another mod, or well a lot of other mods that have made my gameplay so much more enjoyable, just because I am obsessed with romance, is all the male NPCs that are placed in the game and all the extended story with existing ones. Such as:

Kelsey (the oh so kind man that makes you feel so loved)
Xan (my one true love, the brooding sorcerer)
Kivan (the brooding, sexy ranger)
Haer’Dalis (the casual yet passioned lover)
Gavin (the good cleric)
Anomen (the righteous paladin)
Cernd (the shapeshifting druid)
Coran (the sensual thief)
Ajantis (the devoted paladin)
Edwin (the sinister wizard)
Solaufein (the stern dark elf)
among some more.

There are more for the male but that isn’t really surprising, is it? Are many interesting women to romance out there as well.

There are so many mods out there and I have sadly not tried them all. There are many more quest mods to explore, NPCs to get to know and lands to be found. If you want to see the many mods for yourself, here’s a >website< The site is in German, it is explorable with many links going to English sites that explains the mods further.

If you’ve played and modded Baldur’s Gate 1 and/or 2, what mods do you feel are essential for the game?


One thought on “Blood, passionate sex and epic stories can all be found in Baldur’s Gate!

  1. I have yet to play either Baldur’s Gate 1 or 2 so I cannot comment much, however I am waiting for a friend to send me their version as its a properly modded one! 🙂

    I admit I haven’t really looked much into this game. It is kind of obscure in this country, and… Well, rarely anyone I know has actually played it (Properly played it anyway). However the way you describe it, sounds like there are a lot of cool characters to meet and get to know. While indeed I do wish to play this, I think I’ll have to wait till my friend comes with the copy 🙂

    – I can see a lot of love for this game! How long ago did you first play/complete this series? And what brought you too it?

    – I can’t comment on mods for this game as I haven’t played, but I’d say any new quests/lands would be thoroughly enjoyable! With new characters of course, potential romances and what not! 🙂

    A little teaser for the game my friend will be getting me, but I can wait!…For now, hehe 😀 Will hope to see it soon, have fun when you do go back to this!


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