Kingdom Come: Deliverance

So, I just stumbled upon this trailer when I was looking around and have to give a heads up for the new game that has reached Kickstarter called Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The trailer struck right at home from the first minute and the rest surely didn’t disappoint either. I sure hope this game gets what it needs to be made.

The game looks really nice, I am so excited for it right now. The fact that it is non-linear story, character interaction and even grand scale battles with horses tickles my senses quite a bit. It’s towards the historic events more than yet another fantasy rpg, I will surely miss the elves but I guess that  it can be refreshing.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance


3 thoughts on “Kingdom Come: Deliverance

  1. Looks like a very interesting game yet again, good spotting.

    Very curious on how this sandbox will work for a game like this, will the quests be very repetitive or not, will be interesting to see more normal game play from it.

    Will also be interesting how the will incorporate “historical facts” into the game, some tend to take that term very loosely.

    The graphics in the game looks nice, the concepts look really nice, I really hope this game will be a success and seeing almost half of the goal has been pledged on the first day I would think we will see it being released.

    Let me end this by saying that I like that they will release a version for Linux, as a Linux enthusiast that makes me happy, perhaps there will be a day soon where I don’t have to use Windows to play the latest PC-games.


  2. Oh my wow! This game looks damn awesome!! The combat reminds me a lot of Dark Messiah: Might and Magic and that was awesome too, but this looks even better! (Albeit Dark Messiah had Magic, Assassins, etc, so the gameplay was different.)

    Thank you very much for seeing this game and posting it! Having to craft your own weapons, open-world, hunting wild animals, this looks…Amazing! (I really loved that pickpocketing style move near the start of the video). They should -definitely- release this with support for the Oculus Rift! Virtual Reality with this game would be even better! Especially with the Cryengine.

    I’m actually very interested in donating towards this on Kickstarter… I might have to do this! I am loving the look of this 🙂 Thank you very much and I’m looking forward to you finding more very fun looking games! I’m just gonna go… EEEEE!


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