Happy New Year! (2018)

New Year
So, the last part of this year was a new experience for me. Well, really since the start of last summer. I started growing things on my balcony and from there, I started to buy houseplants. It might not seem like much, but for me it is a big step. They are living and growing after all. I’ve lived in this apartment for almost 11 years now and not a single plant has made it through the night, no kidding. Well the plastic ones do for obvious reasons. But this year I’ve come to realize a few things about me, and what I am capable of, that made me change my mind. And now, I couldn’t be happier that none of the plants I’ve bought have died yet!

I know, I know, this is neither game related or about Halloween, but just wait for it! In no time, I’ll DIY game inspired pots for them all to grow in!

Realizing a thing or two about yourself seems to be the theme for this year and there are a few reasons for that. Life being one. Growing up and living life isn’t as fun as one thinks in the beginning. Sure, it’s awesome to decorate your new place and so on, but the innocent mentality you take with you will pull you under if you don’t change with it. Cliché I know. I didn’t change when I moved out, let alone during the years of living here. During the last two years at least, I’ve realized that it was as huge mistake, and I’ve been working on myself ever since. One baby step at the time.

So, not to make this a completely random post, filled with stuff people might not care about, I’ve also realized that Soulcalibur 2 is a damn fun game. Late to the party, woo!

Kicking my boyfriends ass with Kilik

I hope you had a wonderful year, and that the next will be as good or better!

Happy late (as per tradition nowadays) Halloween 2017!

pumpkinSo, this year our Halloween celebration went from a Halloweekend to a Halloweek. From Saturday the 28th Oct all the way to Sunday the 5th Nov. Filled with tasty food, horror movies and horror game. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Just as last year, we went to the zombie run again to start off our Halloweek, it wasn’t as cool as last year but it was still really fun. I brought my vampire teeth along again.
2017-10-28 19.23.49
Last year I said that I was playing through Resident Evil for PS1 and that it was taking longer than I expected. Actually, it took me until this Halloween to finish it up. Life happened. So, anyhow, this Halloween I finished it up and damn what a ride. I really like the game but I’ll put that in another post entirely. Too much to say!

This year we thought we’d watch some “classics”. The movies we saw were Alien and Halloween. They really weren’t any good and really fell behind among the other movies we watched like 31, Boo and All Hallows’ Eve.

Also this year there weren’t any meat head nor pizza mummies. Instead there were purple/black potato gratin made on blue potatoes, skull shaped sausages and spook shaped chicken nuggets among some other tasty treats.

2017-10-31 15.32.41
I didn’t dress up this year per se, though I dressed up as a witch for work.

This year was a big success and hopefully it’ll be even greater next year! If anyone got some other tips on what to cook for next Halloween, share!

DIY: Decorating with beads.

purdyflowerSo, the other day I really wanted to do something with beads. I wanted something fun to decorate my apartment with, so I tried my hand at this Piranha Plant. Maybe you’ll recognize it from the Mario games.

It turned out pretty nice, and I will probably try my hand at a few more of these later on as well. Maybe even combining it with my 3Doodler, hopefully it’ll be a great mix.


DIY: 3Doodler magic into a candle holder.

So, for my birthday a couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend gave me a 3Doodler. A 3Doodler is a 3D pen that enables you to paint outside the box, so to say. You use plastic sticks in a thing shaped like a pen, and it lets you paint in, well… 3D. It’s so impressive to be able to paint straight up in the air from your paper and it stays there. I love it.

I have been using it a little bit after I got it, but I figured that I should really try to do something. It is way fun to use, and only your creativity is the limit. The plastic comes in all different colors, transparency and bendability.

It is a bit tricky to get used to but not before long, I figured out what to do as my first “big” project. A candle holder. I doodled the sides and the bottom before gluing them all together. The gluing part was actually harder to get right than the doodling itself.

Not before long, the glue had dried and my candle holder is ready for use. One side holds a Triforce (from The Legend of Zelda) that gives of a really nice silhouette on the wall, and on the other side there’s a leaf that does the same.

Have you ever tried a 3Doodler yourself? Did you love it as much as I do?

DIY: Jewellery frame, because it was getting rather messy.

So, I’ve had this empty spot on the wall in my bedroom for a while now and figured I really needed to get off my ass and do something about it. I needed something to hang all my pieces and necklaces on so they wouldn’t just lie in one messy pile.

I needed something to hang, and it needed to be rather large. Like a picture frame, just not with a picture in it. So, why not take a frame, add something to it so I can hand things from it and then place it on the wall? I bought everything I needed, tweaked it together and then I could finally fill my wall space.

My Game Boy necklaces, crystals and bracelets hangs there beautifully.

What do you think? Have you done anything like this yourself?