Fallout 4,what happened?

So, I just finished Fallout 4 and I suppose that it’s a good game if it were standalone.

First of, “War never changes,” worked once, maybe twice but to start off this game with a monologue that has it in the opening line. Then once more in the end of the starting monologue, somewhere in the middle of the game AND end the game with it, wth? That just felt poor after the second use, and I couldn’t help but chuckle.

Secondly, what happened to the skills? Changed into these poor “perks” that aren’t even close to as good as they used to be, nor as many. I found myself cursing at the limited options and the fact that it doesn’t seem to separate energy weapons and regular ones. Only automated or manual, I can’t even…

Thirdly, the little Vault Boy is animated, with horrible sounds? Where is the gritty, old school ad feeling that the game used to have? Now he’s an animated cartoon to laugh at?

Fourthly, what the hell happened to the “romance”? Really, that’s all you can muster up? A few stupid quests and a vague comment of being together now or something? No kissing, no sex, no anything? Oh, my mistake, we get a new sleep “perk”, if the guy/girl is around, I can’t even comprehend how people find this acceptable.

While that’s a lot of negative things, the game isn’t all bad. The game does have some really nice graphics, albeit a little cartoonish at times. The character creation is really fun to tweak with and the story, albeit being a complete American baby cliche, is somewhat entertaining. And if one looks past the finding of a stupid baby, twists in a somewhat nice way later on in the game.

What else is there to say? I like the way that raiders and other nasty things camp around the towns and settlements. I felt that it would most likely happen. Even though I curse countless of times for having to run my ass off.

Speaking of settlements, the building aspect of the game is a fun feature but so poorly made. Buildings hoover above ground, things attach together in the most frustrating ways and the weapon racks can only fit 1 gun, even if it the holder fits a entire wall. Yay.

The conversations were a bit cringe worthy, the persuasion options were a bit cheesy. For example when asking for more caps in a quest, the options would for example always come three times. Two a little easier and one “harder.” It made me chuckle on a few occasions. Why anyone be just as persuadable as the next guy?

I so wanted to love this game. I loved Fallout 3 and New Vegas, I enjoyed the time I spent in Fallout 2 but I just wanted this game to end. The “choices” in the game just made it more cringe worthy.

All in all, this stupid game would be redeemable with mods, but with the new perk system and the fact that she has a voice now limits good mods immensely.

I don’t know if I should recommend this or not… Maybe someone will enjoy this.


War… War never changes. Apparently.

Reaching lvl 4


So, not long ago I got a computer from a dear friend of mine. My friend is awesome enough to ship it across the sea, so I can never thank him enough. Thank you!

Finally, I have upgraded my system from a old 32bit system that really wasn’t nowhere near done yet besides not being 64bit, to a new beast with an upgraded graphics card. Couple this with a new 28″ 4k screen, a wonderful SteelSeries Apex 350 keyboard, water speakers, a pretty mouse and a pair of Razer Kraken Chroma 7.1 to top it all off.

All of this will enable me to continue to play more games that forced my hand to upgrade, and I can’t wait to start gaming, starting it all off with Fallout 4.


And you can see my epic skull holding the headphones there.

Boarding the sheep train with Pokémon GO.

pokemongonewinfoSo, the other day my Galaxy S2 got a reflash and I updated to Lollipop to be able to try out this new craze everyone is talking about. While the application treats my phone as a cookie, and takes large chunks out of my battery each time I use it (or drain it all), I can sort of see why it has gotten such a liking. It’s familiar, cute and easy enough plus it makes you go out more.
photo424457981798755977I can’t see this holding in the long run however, the application itself is rather bare bone and offers barely any features. It must have taken the developers by storm that it got as big as it is now.

At first I was worried that I would have to pay2play with all the Poké balls I am throwing away but with the PokéStops around, that’s not really an issue.

As I mention earlier, the application makes you want to go out more and explore only to find more Pokémon, hatch new eggs or to get the distance achievements among other things. It is a fun twist to otherwise boring walks to the grocery store.
photo424457981798755976All in all, I think that it is an application worth trying out as it doesn’t cost a thing and a fun way to kill time.

Hardcore Henry, it actually looks like a game.

So, last night I watched Hardcore Henry, and while it might not be a game movie per se, it was really damn close to it, or as least I thought so.

The whole story, point of view, how it plays out, and all the random action scenes was like it were taken directly out of a random action game and I have to say that I enjoyed it for what it was. It worked well for a movie.

The main guy, Henry, suffers from memory loss after being resurrected and has no voice because he never get a voice modulator installed and doesn’t speak through the entire movie, the others just does it for him. As the story progresses, he gains more skills and techniques as if he were leveling up throughout the movie. In the end, you realize that he’s not another human that has been caught up in a random story, he’s a bio-engineered soldier with no memory.

As I watched it, I thought of games like Mass Effect 2, Bio Shock: Infinite, Deus Ex and Dishonored, and it was all really well put together.

Visually, this movie is beautifully made with good and realistic effects. I read somewhere that it was sponsored on Indiegogo and I have to say, good work.
hardcore-henry-movie-review-9If you haven’t watched this movie yet, I suggest that you do because it is a really entertaining movie.


State of Decay, why does the cars have to break so easily?

Day 9.

We’ve been barricaded in here for days now, the food is almost running out and we lost James last night. The man on the radio still urges us to stay inside, but this is starting to feel really bad. This was not what we expected when we came to the mountains for our annual camping trip.
Sun is already setting again, I can see the light move through the wooden boards that the windows are covered with. Me, Julia and Anne are the only ones here after James died, we’re locked inside a little food shop in what feels like the middle of nowhere.
According to random girl on another radio we found, there are supposed to be survivors in an abandoned church in a small town not far from us. James pushed us into going but on the way there we ran into a shitload of those mindless things and had to seek the nearest cover. It was all ready boarded up, so all we had to do was lock the door. So here we are now…


So, the other night I “finished” State of Decay, and I say “finished” as the ending isn’t really a proper ending and more of a “I’ll show you what’s out there, and some credits but then I’ll rewind to just before the quest so you can play on”. Somehow in my mind, I expected more than that, but I suppose my hopes were way to high.

The game itself is rather addictive with killing zombies, gathering resources and finding the perfect home for your survives to live and upgrade. There are mission quests, a really thin main story and a few side quests besides the gathering and car wrecking.
I didn’t even know there were a main story before I realized that a certain group of people kept asking for things or doing things with my group that I understood that they must be it. So that wasn’t to good, but then again, I was way to busy with hoarding anyhow.

My cars kept breaking and exploding often as I keep using them to kill every zombie horde I see. It’s far more fun to slaughter them with a car than worry about breaking it. There are way to many cars around not to kill every horde you see.

Also having to drive a car everywhere, is a rather nice way to move around. You can walk, but between area A to B there is to much distance, to many zombies and your stamina is depleted to fast. The visuals are easily rather admirable when driving around in a car. There’s farms, small towns, mountains and forests. It made me feel like I could drive forever, until I saw a large horde and without thinking more of it, I slammed into them and my car burst into flames. Yay.
You can level up your survivors, but only the ones you control can gain skills and other things. You should preferably keep using many of them otherwise when someone dies, you’re back on square one.

Also, the game never stops except for when you hit ESC. As you turn it off, it continues in the background so when you come back, your best gatherer could have died or some sort. I found this both annoying and rather cool as I could set a building to be built during the night as it takes some real time to finish them.

There aren’t really much more  to say about this other than it can either drag you in or push you away. I suppose it is one of those love or hate games. I kind of loved it even though I thought I wouldn’t. It is worth a try at least.

DeathTrash, I found this while looking for RPGs and …wow.

fleshkrakenSo, in the spirit of bit graphics that seem to surface more lately, I found this gruesome looking RPG and I just wanted to share it. With a release date around 2017, it’s still some time left before it’s playable but I for one will be waiting for it.

Use realtime combat, dialogue, item crafting and psi powers to explore and survive this post-apocalyptic mystic world with larger-than-life beings.
Choose one character from a diverse selection and customize him or her through stats and making choices. A friend can join anytime for a session of local co-op.
The game is built around respecting your time and freedom.” – DeathTrash