What are you serving on Halloween?

So, Halloween is almost just around the corner, and I’m planning to do some cooking. I know I haven’t really talked about food in this blog outside the yearly Halloween posts, and then it’s seldom food mentioned there anyhow.

As I do love to cook, I have scoured the internet to find some tasty, but fitting recipes for my Halloween celebration. Most I’ve seen have been for a big party, to kiddy/candy-esque or just different creepy drinks. What I want is a spooky dinner/buffet for two, that would be perfect.

I actually found a few tips and ideas on a few sites that could be made both to a couple or a small party that is proper food rather than candy or such.

picfo0wliThe Mac-O-Lantern is a simple Mac-n-Cheese recipe, that includes ground/minced meat. It might be a bit on the cuter side but still a fun edition to the table. It can be applied to your own recipe as well.


Found this on Pinterest. Credit goes to the maker.

This mummy meatloaf, covered in bacon, is something I’ve just seen pictures of around Pinterest, but it piqued my interest nonetheless. With a regular meatloaf recipe covered in bacon, this is a perfect addition to the dinner table.indexMaybe serve this meatloaf with a couple of these Boo-tatoes. Maybe make them straight on the plate or place them in the oven for a short while to get a more crispy spook.


Credit goes to the maker.

Another perfect thing for the table is these small mummy pizzas. Variate the topping as you like, as long as those bandages cover some of it up. Also, there is lots of other fun Halloween stuff to see on her blog as well so be sure to check it out!

I find it fun to experiment with food, and as I’m a lazy Scandinavian person, these English/American recipes most often just inspire me as I seldom follow it other than the look and/or ingredients. Mainly cause I don’t use that measure system.

Hopefully it’ll go well, and this food will be a tasty success. I’ll post a couple of pictures later on how it went. Wish me good luck!

Retro Gaming Weekend: Legend (SNES, 1994)

So, this weekend we decided to play a game called Legend, and I have to say that it is an amazing game. It is as sidescroller beat-em-up game and I love it.

First off, I have to mention the graphics, they’re really good in this game. In my mind, it is one of the best looking games for the SNES. I really love the feeling and the art style. The design and feeling really helps the game to stand out from other games in this genre.

Secondly, I love the music. The music really compliments the game. From the level music to the boss themes. It is also absolutely one of the best soundtracks to SNES.

34387-legend_usa-1459913426Gameplay wise, the style is medieval with swords and armors rather than guys on dirty back alleys, for example. It’s a pretty standard beat-em-up game really, with an average difficulty. You got your specials that take out the entire screen, you can pick up items, treasures and you kick some serious ass. You collect the treasures to gain a higher score, which can be fun if your playing co-op for example. Playing this with two characters is really the way to go, in my opinion.

The bosses can get pretty hard at times, but thanks to the boss designs it’s never really frustrating, as it just feels cool to face them. One of the most memorable bosses in this game is one of the last ones, when you’re fighting a huge, furry monster-like thing. The both of you are on a piece of stone that comes crashing down to certain death. That boss fight is intense, especially with two players!

All in all, the game is really rememberable and if you’re looking for a great feel in a beat-em-up for SNES, then look no further. This is as good as it’s gonna get.

Phantasmagoria, my first time trying an interactive horror movie point-and-click.

So, yesterday I finished playing Phantasmagoria, and being a interactive horror movie point-and-click game from 1995 played in DOS, it is rather good looking.

However the game leaves much to be desired, with a story that it way to similar to The Shining. Roberta Williams, the author for this story, should have done more with it rather than leaving it at the lowest of efforts.

The effects, videos and graphics are actually well done. It is surprisingly gory with good details and a interesting world to explore. The world actually feels more alive than many games nowadays.

The full motion videos really added to this game, the plus with this is that I don’t have to put up with bad hands. Though jokes aside, the use of real actors is really well done and they interact well with the world.

Besides being gory, it also features sex scenes that, albeit looking really poor today, must have packed a punch when it came out. Especially when one of them is a rape-scene with the main character, which fit rather well due the to story.  Though, adding comedy to the mix as it did for no real impact in the story what so ever just felt forced and a way to bring the story forward in a proper deus ex machina manner.
pc-31103-91311640969It would take maybe a day at most to play through it all, that is depending on how much you explore and how well you find things. The game is really not holding your hand, as it lets you go all the way to the end only to realize that you’re actually fucked if you missed some things earlier.

The game is really entertaining for what it is, and I’d say well worth to play though at least once.

Retro Gaming Weekend: DuckTales (NES, 1989)

So, been doing a retro game thing for a little while now every weekend, but recently I figured that I would blog about it as well seeing as there is quite a few games worth mentioning.

I started my gaming onslaught rather late in life so I missed quite a few pearls that I’ve had the pleasure of playing later. My boyfriend have grown up with them all and given me tips on what to play, and he thought DuckTales is a game I really should try so why not start the posts with that?

I really enjoyed playing this through. The music is badass and the graphics are really cute. It isn’t to long, perfect for a lazy evening. However a few sections were rather annoying, and the Moon stage is the worst of them, I must say.
This is one of the only platform games that I’ve seen that let you explore the levels as you see fit. Without neither a map or any directions, you are on your own. The levels are actually kinda large and it’s easy to get lost, or to find the right way instantly.

Also, being the hoarder that I am, I collected as many crystals and stuff as I could when I saw them while trying to survive. Easier said than done on a few places.

All in all, it is well worth a playthrough for anyone.

I suppose I should also mention there is a remake of this game, a way poorer one I’d say. With “updated” graphics and way easier gameplay.

Firewatch, finally a decent walking simulator.

So, this have to be one of the best walking simulator I’ve played so far. It actually has some gameplay, a really interesting story and cute graphics, though it would have been better with a more realistic approach.

The game starts out with some events that’s taking place throughout your life, and you can change it to an extent through choices that the game gives you. There’s text and choices before the game really opens up.

The chemistry between Delilah and Henry is awesome. It’s fun to listen to them talk and share their stories and they made me laugh quite a few times. The story overall is realistic and nicely done, the use of radios were a really interesting touch to it.

After all the time spending exploring, talking to Delilah and finding things, the ending didn’t go as I thought it would. Whatever I chose, it didn’t really matter in the end anyhow. The game got me a bit paranoid, and towards the end I checked in every direction whenever I could.

Maybe that was what the game was going for all this time. Where I thought it would go in a completely insane direction, it simply went with the fact that spending all that time alone in the woods just messes with your head. Makes you paranoid and things just aren’t as they seem.

There isn’t much more to say about this game without spoiling it all, so I’ll go ahead and say that you should really try it out. It’s a great game to play on a Saturday afternoon for example.

Dragon Age: Inquisition. Hype, hype, hype… eeeh meh.

There might be glaring spoilers in this.
So, last night I finished Inquisition and what can I say? I really wished it would be better than the second, that it would go back to the roots of the first. But what I got was all the glaring faults and poor characters from the second with even more poor things added in.

Firstly, the MMO aspect of the whole game. Mounts, killing 10 bears for their pelts, all the infinite spawning enemies when running around, the “large” areas which were only bothersome, and the fact that the main quests on the “war table” cost me points I needed to collect. Also the fact that most of the talks in the game were “overhead”, run past talks just made it feel even more pointless.

Secondly, to be so lazy as to bring in all of the old poor characters such as Cassandra, Varric, Cullen, and Hawke of all damn people. Other people to be drawn into the mess were Morrigan, Alistair, Flemeth and Lelianna. The fact that Flemeth were pulled in again after the second game, (where she appeared despite the fact that she was killed in the first/has a huge role in the first which played out simultaneously,) just felt poor and forced. Since when is she an elven goddess?

Though, the other companions wasn’t really anything to cheer about either. They are rather bland, with no real unique personality. The large tank, the brooding elf, the warrior, and so on. There weren’t a single one that I felt did anything for me to like in any way, but as I will take romance wherever I get in in games, I chose Blackwall.

That brings us to the third point, which is actually a bit of a praise. The romance aspect of this game worked rather well. It is incorporated well into the storyline and Blackwall’s story twisted in a way I didn’t expect. However, it lacked in certain aspects that would have made it even better. Like the fact that you could “talk” about your relationship but the only option you got in there were to kiss. Wow thanks. Clicking that game me this awkward kissing scene that looked like something out of a poor porn movie.

Speaking of the “war table”, the whole war theme of Inquisition just ruined the whole feel of Dragon Age and the fantasy aspect that used to have. To just narrow this down to a war game with magic and elfs made me barely finish it. Making a game like this tie in way to much to real life and the struggles we face just makes me dislike it more.

Also the fact that they randomly push in a transgender person in there just felt so tactless. Now, I don’t have anything against transgenders per se, but to roll on the whole transgender business in a fantasy game just for the attention is poor. The fact that she is neither female or male and that her story is rather thrown in your face just felt as if to just scream that there is a transgender in there. Just felt more like a slap in the face than anything else.
Speaking of hands, a while ago I wrote a post about how bad hands are in games and how I couldn’t believe that they don’t get more love. Well, Inquisition just gave me a huge fuck you and made me spend the entire game looking at the monstrosities my Inquisitor had. In. Every. Cutscene. Must have been a poor glitch but damn.

All in all, if I don’t count the war theme, the war table quests or the MMO aspect, the game is playable but nothing I would recommend.

Fallout 4, what happened?

So, I just finished Fallout 4 and I suppose that it’s a good game if it were standalone.

First of, “War never changes,” worked once, maybe twice but to start off this game with a monologue that has it in the opening line. Then once more in the end of the starting monologue, somewhere in the middle of the game AND end the game with it, wth? That just felt poor after the second use, and I couldn’t help but chuckle.

Secondly, what happened to the skills? Changed into these poor “perks” that aren’t even close to as good as they used to be, nor as many. I found myself cursing at the limited options and the fact that it doesn’t seem to separate energy weapons and regular ones. Only automated or manual, I can’t even…

Thirdly, the little Vault Boy is animated, with horrible sounds? Where is the gritty, old school ad feeling that the game used to have? Now he’s an animated cartoon to laugh at?

Fourthly, what the hell happened to the “romance”? Really, that’s all you can muster up? A few stupid quests and a vague comment of being together now or something? No kissing, no sex, no anything? Oh, my mistake, we get a new sleep “perk”, if the guy/girl is around, I can’t even comprehend how people find this acceptable.

While that’s a lot of negative things, the game isn’t all bad. The game does have some really nice graphics, albeit a little cartoonish at times. The character creation is really fun to tweak with and the story, albeit being a complete American baby cliche, is somewhat entertaining. And if one looks past the finding of a stupid baby, twists in a somewhat nice way later on in the game.

What else is there to say? I like the way that raiders and other nasty things camp around the towns and settlements. I felt that it would most likely happen. Even though I curse countless of times for having to run my ass off.

Speaking of settlements, the building aspect of the game is a fun feature but so poorly made. Buildings hoover above ground, things attach together in the most frustrating ways and the weapon racks can only fit 1 gun, even if it the holder fits a entire wall. Yay.

The conversations were a bit cringe worthy, the persuasion options were a bit cheesy. For example when asking for more caps in a quest, the options would for example always come three times. Two a little easier and one “harder.” It made me chuckle on a few occasions. Why anyone be just as persuadable as the next guy?

I so wanted to love this game. I loved Fallout 3 and New Vegas, I enjoyed the time I spent in Fallout 2 but I just wanted this game to end. The “choices” in the game just made it more cringe worthy.

All in all, this stupid game would be redeemable with mods, but with the new perk system and the fact that she has a voice now limits good mods immensely.

I don’t know if I should recommend this or not… Maybe someone will enjoy this.


War… War never changes. Apparently.