The Stanley Parable

So, what to say about this game? A really fresh breeze in a sea of serious games I suppose. This game gave me a good laugh and was really nice to play ‘through’. The fact though, was that the game always restarted at the beginning. Wherever you went, what you did or didn’t do always landed you exactly where you start, your cosy little office.

The narrator is spot on and some of the questions he asks just makes me laugh out loud. The fact that he comments on the fact that the character doesn’t have a body is something I’ve always thought about myself.
The game is very visual and the fact that you can do certain things to annoy the narrator was just hilarious. The fact that standing in a room for to long would bother him and the same with the fact that you’d be trying to reach for an achievement to press on doors long enough. Oh silly, silly little game.

Another fun fact was that each time you played through the game, it was almost never the same speech through it all. And each time you ‘fucked up’ the game would just spiral out of control if you let it. I haven’t played all the endings, and pretty sure I wouldn’t find them all without a walkthrough, but don’t think I will. Felt myself getting kinda mental after a whole lot of running through the same rooms, the same doors and following the same yellow line, hearing the same voice over and over.

One part of the game were a little heartbreaking though, when the narrator had told me that we had found the place for him. A place for him to be happy in. Suddenly poor Stanley just went and killed himself. Just like that, he ran up all those stairs while listening to the desperate cries and then jumped headfirst down onto the stone floor. Forcefully restarting the game yet again. Poor narrator and all his work for nothing. All in all a rather fun and different game, but not for too long.

5 responses to “The Stanley Parable

  1. Can’t really wrap my head around this game, so I looked into a video with someone playing the demo. Got the feeling it has some similarities with Portal+Portal 2, am I totally wrong about that?

    Did you still enjoy the storytelling in the game even if you felt it was repetitive after a while? Did you find out anything worth while playing it?


    • I can not say anything about that as I haven’t played Portal.

      I found the game to be really funny and there wasn’t any real storytelling, just random rants and silly lines in my opinion. I suppose it’s fun to play for giggles.


  2. I only played the demo of this game, but it was one of the most unnerving demos I have ever gone through.

    It is such a peculiar game, I honestly did not know what to make of it. The dryness of the narrator, the eerie silence of the enviroment. Would you recommend a full playthrough of this?


  3. This game brings back fond memories of making a game hate you! Well, the Narrator anyway! Heh

    First got my experience of this game back when it was just a free Sourcemod. Very similar to the final product, but with a lot less endings, and with HL2 graphics. After playing the new, standalone version, I must say it’s vastly improved! I actually found myself, for once, going after the achievements in this game! (Yes, the door part I did too, hehe. :D) Also the meeting room with the whiteboards…So much entertainment just reading the random stuff on those whiteboards!

    Did you read those whiteboards? If not, I suggest going back and reading them all! Some funny comments on them!

    The most memorable part of this game for me is the pure entertainment you get from something so simple as doing the complete -opposite- of what the ‘game’ wants you to do! The way the Narrator slowly and slowly gets more jaded at your efforts, trying in vain and failing inexplicably just to give in and resort to some madness of his own! (On a few of the endings I believe anyway he does). Kept me entertained for ages! (I also found myself checking out the Leaderboard at the end and thinking “I bet I could beat them…Wait, are they even real?…Don’t care, gonna beat them!” Hehe)

    A fun review for a casual game that started off as a simple mod and became so much more! The Narrator is spot on, with a (huge!) well read out script and lines for him to play. I never thought I’d be so happy to see an Office Room over and over…Then have the madness commence ALL over again! Mua ha ha!

    -Goes back to torture the Narrator some more!-


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