Happy late (as per tradition nowadays) Halloween 2017!

pumpkinSo, this year our Halloween celebration went from a Halloweekend to a Halloweek. From Saturday the 28th Oct all the way to Sunday the 5th Nov. Filled with tasty food, horror movies and horror game. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Just as last year, we went to the zombie run again to start off our Halloweek, it wasn’t as cool as last year but it was still really fun. I brought my vampire teeth along again.
2017-10-28 19.23.49
Last year I said that I was playing through Resident Evil for PS1 and that it was taking longer than I expected. Actually, it took me until this Halloween to finish it up. Life happened. So, anyhow, this Halloween I finished it up and damn what a ride. I really like the game but I’ll put that in another post entirely. Too much to say!

This year we thought we’d watch some “classics”. The movies we saw were Alien and Halloween. They really weren’t any good and really fell behind among the other movies we watched like 31, Boo and All Hallows’ Eve.

Also this year there weren’t any meat head nor pizza mummies. Instead there were purple/black potato gratin made on blue potatoes, skull shaped sausages and spook shaped chicken nuggets among some other tasty treats.

2017-10-31 15.32.41

I didn’t dress up this year per se, though I dressed up as a witch for work.

This year was a big success and hopefully it’ll be even greater next year! If anyone got some other tips on what to cook for next Halloween, share!


Happy new year! (2017)

tometeblossSo, yet another year gone past, and I suppose a lot has happened. Should I be cliché and say how horrible this year has been, like everyone else? With terrible new presidents and all them famous people dying?

Nah, actually this has been a really good year, for me at least. I’ve learned a lot about myself, and other things. I’ve realized that some things aren’t worth caring about at all, while other things are vital to even feel good.

Recently I’ve also realized that I’ve had to many things on my plate. I’ve always had the notion that when I play a game, I need to stick to it and finish it before continuing onto the next. However, that is not the same notion that I’ve had with other things. For example, I have way too many hobbies. Whenever I find something new and fun, I move onto that even though I just started a new project with something else.

So, my big promise for the new year is to stick to things I’ve started and finish it before anything else. What’s yours?

Merry Christmas 2016!

So, yet another Christmas Eve filled with tasty food, candy and presents.

It’s a really nice feeling to realize that you actually have such good friends around you. Now, this is a thing I often realize, but I suppose in times like Christmas, even if you don’t believe in what it stands for and maybe only wants the food, I think about it a bit more.

Christmas is, even if only for the company, food and cuddles, a really cozy time. All the lights, the good food, cozy moods and presents, I always enjoy it.

I hope you had/will have a great Christmas as well.


Merry Christmas to you all!

Reaching lvl 5

thanksSo, here I am, a little over 5 years later since I started my blog, and just got my 100th follower. When I started this, I never believed that anyone would read anything here, let alone follow me.

I started out this year by being so thankful to all the things I had going for myself, and now as the year is almost over, I’m amazed over how fast one person can change. I’m not at all how I was when I started this year. This might all sound so cheesy and weird, but with each event or thing you learn, you grow.

My writing is still evolving faster than I manage to finish a short story, or at least it feels that way. New games still manage to keep my attention, despite the fact that games truly is going downhills nowadays. Also, tossing makeup out the window, never to return to my apartment again, is the best thing I have ever done.

A really big thanks to all of you who follows me. I really appreciate it.

Happy (yet again) late Halloween 2016!

So, this years Halloween has come and gone, and I have to say that it was a success. We even made it into an Halloweekend and had creepy food both Saturday and Sunday.
pumporAll the food I made came out perfectly, if I can say so myself. Even though I forgot to put eyes on the small pizza mummies. You learn as you go along, right?
In the end, I ended up with a few more dishes than we really could finish. I felt so creative. Horror themed food maybe should be something I do every time I cook.

This year, my town decided that it would have a “zombie race” of sorts. You could sign up as a runner, and there were an entire course filled with different obstacles for you to get through, along with zombies that wanted your brains. You had three lives, if you managed to get through the whole thing without losing any, you were rewarded with a “survivor badge”. If you lost them all, there were an “infected badge” waiting for you. I didn’t run, but I did see that you could sign up as a zombie as well but I was to late to the party.

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Also, this year I actually figured I’d hand out candy (for once) to the kids that comes by every year. But apparently kids around here has grown out of the dressing-up-phase so I refused to open. Boring kids. Thinking they can just walk up to my door with their small, greedy bags to just get candy for no effort what so ever. No way!

On top of all the epicness, instead of watching horror movies, we thought we’d play a good old horror game instead. So, we settled for the original Resident Evil for the PS1. I thought I’d post it as my Retro Weekend game, but apparently it took longer than two day to finish, (it’s longer than I thought), so that review will come up later. Overall, it is a rather intense and creepy game, so it fit perfectly. It’s actually better than I thought it’d be.

However, this year I didn’t dress up, but I did go to the “zombie race” wearing my all faithful teeth that I love so damn much. They are a really good buy and have already served me well a couple of Halloweens now, and will hopefully continue to do so.


Happy Halloween everybody!

Happy New Year 2016!

So, another new year and another year of blogging. Never ever thought I’d get to this point in my life. I’m actually getting to where I wanted to be, since I was around 12 years old.

Writing about the games I love, actually managing to write a story that I aim to publish for once in my life without it completely falling off, crashing and burning, never to see daylight again and most of all, being at a point in my life where I can look back and think about all the things I’ve been through and how they have shaped me until today.

Without it, I would never have been who I am today, and maybe without it I wouldn’t reach my lifelong dream for being an author, even if it’s just for me. Thank you life for everything.

I hope everyone else has a great year and will reach what they want.

Happy New Year!