Grey’s Anatomy must be one of the worst games I’ve tried.

a012e2830574d257b5a5a39c950805d7c909f6a6So, in my hunt for romance I stumbled upon this game which is based on the TV series. I figured it would be bad, but as the series is full of triangle drama, romances and all that, it would at least give me something. It was just one of those casual afternoons, where I just want something casual, and so I thought: “It can’t be that bad, right?”

Oh, how wrong I was. This game is one of those really cheap games that just got pushed out for the money. The graphics are really bad, the characters barely even look like the cast and the gameplay is just mini game after mini game with no challenge what so ever. The romance parts in this are very few and to far apart. On top of that, they’re cheesy and random. Not that the series is that much deeper really, but still.

This game feels like it is only for kids or idiots (probably both) as each choice you make is a mini game with little or no point what so ever. You get to fold out paper, flick away bad thoughts or cut through photos. The other mini games are “surgeries” where you get to operate on brains, give shots and fix broken bones. Don’t be fooled. These flash games are the worst of the whole game.

After what felt like millions of surgeries, I couldn’t take it anymore. I could easily compare this to Dinner Date but even that is somewhat more interesting than this. Damn…

Whatever you do, so not play this game. Ever.

Tyranny – Where your inner, most dark kinks comes to life.

header“The second she steps in through the gates, the camp stops and fall completely silent. If it is her or the beastwoman following in her footsteps that they stare at, she don’t know for sure. But she assume it is both.
“Fatebinder!” A slender man calls out, as he walks to meet them. His glance shifts nervously to the beastwoman before looking back at the Fatebinder and clearing his throat. Though he never meet her gaze, not even once.
“Am I to assume that I wasn’t worthy enough to be met by the leader himself?” The Fatebinder crosses her arms over her chest with a not so amused look on her face.
“N-no… I…” The slender man bows deeply as he starts to excuse himself.
“No what? Speak properly or I’ll cut your throat right where you stand.” The beastwoman crouches down beside her, yet taller than her still.
“Gut him. If Alpha will not, Kills-Swiftly will. Gut-Gut-Fast.” The Fatebinder glances to the beastwoman, a curious smirk creeping across her face.
“Think you can rip him in two with just one attack?”
The eagerness shines in the crimson eyes of the beastwoman, and with a slight nod from the Fatebinder, the creature attacks. Her giant, razor sharp paws are lightning fast. Soon the man’s entrails decorate the ground, and the onlookers stare in fright while the beastwoman licks her claws.

“If your leader isn’t here soon, I’ll just have to torch your pathetic little village.” And with that, she casually moves her right hand, forming the symbol of fire. Within seconds, a small outhouse catches fire and people start to run around in panic.” – Written by me.

So, this morning I finished a RPG called Tyranny and I have to say that compared to many “RPGs” that float around nowadays, this one is truly worth playing. Though “Gather your party before venturing forth” is starting to get really old.

First of, the story. You play as the bad girl (or guy) for once and even in that regard, you can be merciful or you can be slaughtering anything and anyone. Mostly. Though, the story might not be the deepest, nor have the most impact, and it is rather short, but the fact that you have so many choices in every situation makes it really interesting.

You really just go through the game with a handful of quests, kill enemies and then finish it up while wondering: “Wait, is it already over? Huh.” At least the graphics are nice, but very similar to Pillars of Eternity. Neither of them really could capture the feel and mood from classics like Baldur’s Gate, but it’s still nice to look at.

Many times in games I wish I could do this, and that I could do that. Especially in games where you have choices but in the end, it all goes in one direction anyhow. With this game, I really feel as if I could do many more things and change more outcomes. Even change up the ending more. There were quite a few ending slides and I could have changed them all with a few other choices which is really cool. Despite all of these choices, there weren’t any romance but I suppose it would have been strange.

I played this as a mage, and as I was using some of my followers from time to time during battle, I quickly realized that it was really the best way to play it. The spells aren’t given to you, you need to mix up different symbols to make different ones. And you really need a high lore later on in the game to be able to mix the strongest ones.

One thing about playing as a mage was the fact that the game seemed to be more towards a “stronger” character as much of the choices to kill/threaten/hurt people often fell into the strength requirements aka the athletics skill, it goes up more and more depending on how much you climb, even though I would have wished that it could be different for those who aren’t playing that type of  character.

For example, my character had really poor strength though moderate athletic skill, but really high intelligence. Still, she took people by the throat and held them out towards cliff edges or pushed people. This is all fun and dandy, but I would have wished for a bit more things that would have included maybe magic, mind control, or more intelligent things instead of just brute force.

The characters in this game was rather fun to interact with, as you could gain both their loyalty and their fear. It reminded me a bit of my followers in KotOR, where I managed to get Zaalbar to kill Mission. Mohaha.
Though there were some strange moments as well. For example, Barik is one of those characters that were part of the Disfavored. A faction I screw over completely as I always sided with the Scarlet Chorus. Still he followed me, despite his remarks and all (I had barely no loyalty with him). However towards the end he got overly depressed and by just saying one line, he got so grateful and would follow me wherever, and he did. Feels rather random as I thought he’d leave me sooner rather than later.

In the end, the game is really enjoyable and I will probably replay it as all the choices really gives me a reason. If you haven’t tried it already, you really should.

Retro Game Weekend: Unreal Tournament (UT99)

titlescreen“I’m sorry, did I blow your head apart?”

So, to write another one of these Retro Gaming Weekend posts, I decided to play some Unreal Tournament with friends. After kicking much ass in many LAN matches, I must say that it’s an epic game, especially when using InstaGib. InstaGib is a mod of sorts that I most often use. It lets me one-hit kill a person. Awesome!

We played with some extra bots to get the adrenaline going, and to have many more targets to shoot. We used bots on difficulty Masterful at first, before changing to Inhuman, and then later on to Godlike. The AI in this game handles it almost too well. Though, there are some bots that are extreme, like Tamerlane and Locke. I really hate those two.

Overall, this is a awesome game to play to kill some time or even spends whole weekends in, just capping and getting frags, competing against each other or just playing the single player tournament. And that music is so badass to listen to while playing. Will rally up any player as the mayhem starts, filling the halls with body parts, blood and screams of terror.

Would you dare meet me in a match?

Watch_Dogs is one good looking game.

121245So, the other day I finished Watch_Dogs and besides the really catchy music that I had pumping from every car I stole, it’s rather amazing how good looking it is.
It’s one of the prettiest games I’ve played. I’m really glad that I got a new computer for this, as I wouldn’t want to play it in low graphics.

This is one of those open world games that looks full of things to do, but when it comes down to it and really thinks about it, it is rather empty. It was fun and interesting at first but it turns rather repetitive after a while. It wasn’t hard to see areas where things were going to go down, and often the layouts were the same, only different objects to hide behind.

One thing I really loved was the driving, even though I might have been crashing into way to many things. But the music really pumped me up, and as I mention earlier, it’s really damn catchy. It was a good mix, and the fact that you could edit the playlist yourself let me take out all the bad music. Bye bye Hiphop.

Also, the world is really nice and felt alive. People actually interact with each other. I couldn’t help but wishing that I could actually interact with the people myself when I was walking around on the streets though. The fact that everything seem so vivid and alive is kinda destroyed when you can’t really interact with anyone at all, and when for example the firetrucks go round in circles and crash into things randomly. When I decided to follow a firetruck on it’s way to a “fire”, it shamelessly ran over dozens of civilians, and I couldn’t help but laugh.
bewbsAnother cool thing about this game is the side characters. Especially BadBoy 17 and Jordi Chin. How can you not love them? They have cool personalities and really cool design overall. Them combined with the interesting story, made this trip worthwhile. Though I would have wished for more choices, and some romance maybe.
pwnedOne thing that bothered me though, is the combat. So repetitive, and rather restrictive. I usually used the hacking skills as much as I could throughout the battles, but there were only so much I could do. It often left me more frustrated than not. Even with the cool perks and different things to hack, it left much to be desired.

Overall it is a nice game and one worthwhile to playthrough if you haven’t already.

Lifeline: Silent Night, a continuity of Lifeline.

So, the other day I finished Lifeline: Silent Night, which is a continuity of Lifeline.  It has the same play style and you get to meet up with Taylor once again.

I really like these types of games, as they aren’t over in a heartbeat. It takes time for Taylor to react, act and for you to help him out. It lets you interact with him when you can, and the story is rather interesting.

However, I find the first one to be a little bit better than this. This feels a bit more like repeating the first, only with a different story.

If you haven’t tried the first one out yet, I suggest that you do. It is an interesting concept.

Retro Gaming Weekend: X-Files, a really intense point-and-click.

37846-x-files_disc1of4_u-1474843343So, this weekend, I finished playing The X-Files Game, another interactive movie point-and-click game but this time for the PlayStation. I thought it would fit the Retro Gaming Weekend well.

Based upon the X-Files series, you take the role of Craig Willmore. An agent for FBI who is on the case to find the missing agents Moulder and Scully who’s gone missing.

The game will take you through Willmore’s daily life as he solves the case. It is a bit tricky, as the game doesn’t hold your hand in any way. You can get a few hints from your boss and your intuition, but they’re a bit vague.

It’s also rather realistic, for example you have to either remember numbers in your head or write them down when you need to call them. You also get a few choices in dialogue, which are time based. It may take a little while to get used to, especially when you aren’t presented with the options all to often.

Also, as you move the pointer with your controller, it can be a bit hard to reach the choice you want, and see what reaction Craig will have, before time runs out. A point-and-click like this really needs a mouse, as the joystick is rather sluggish.

Compared to a game like Phantasmagoria that adds real characters to a made-up world and lets you see your character all the time, this game uses more real areas and what looks like photographs as you move around. You also don’t see Agent Willmore all the time besides in cut scenes as this game uses a first person perspective, while you move between “squares”. Either you go left, right, ahead or look down while you explore, gather evidence and talk to people to find out what really happened.

The first part of the game is rather slow, but if you move thought it, the game will pick up and be really interesting. It is really intense, and the story twists and turns in a few directions before you can solve it all. Also, if you play your cards right, you’ll even get a bit of romance in there which is a big plus for me.

All in all, it’s actually a well worth game to play through, especially if you like detective work and crime stories, or if you like X-Files in general.

Retro Gaming Weekend: Legend (SNES, 1994)

So, this weekend we decided to play a game called Legend, and I have to say that it is an amazing game. It is as sidescroller beat-em-up game and I love it.

First off, I have to mention the graphics, they’re really good in this game. In my mind, it is one of the best looking games for the SNES. I really love the feeling and the art style. The design and feeling really helps the game to stand out from other games in this genre.

Secondly, I love the music. The music really compliments the game. From the level music to the boss themes. It is also absolutely one of the best soundtracks to SNES.

34387-legend_usa-1459913426Gameplay wise, the style is medieval with swords and armors rather than guys on dirty back alleys, for example. It’s a pretty standard beat-em-up game really, with an average difficulty. You got your specials that take out the entire screen, you can pick up items, treasures and you kick some serious ass. You collect the treasures to gain a higher score, which can be fun if your playing co-op for example. Playing this with two characters is really the way to go, in my opinion.

The bosses can get pretty hard at times, but thanks to the boss designs it’s never really frustrating, as it just feels cool to face them. One of the most memorable bosses in this game is one of the last ones, when you’re fighting a huge, furry monster-like thing. The both of you are on a piece of stone that comes crashing down to certain death. That boss fight is intense, especially with two players!

All in all, the game is really rememberable and if you’re looking for a great feel in a beat-em-up for SNES, then look no further. This is as good as it’s gonna get.