Dinner Date

So, I just played one of the strangest games I’ve ever seen, and must have been the shortest as well.
I don’t really know how to comment on this game more than… don’t play it. It don’t really have a good story if any story at all really, nor any depth.

There is a man being stood up at a dinner date in his house and the thoughts he has around it, what’s so special about it? He eats the food he made, drinks the wine and smokes. Then heads out drunk to …party I assume.

Not worth it.

The game site


8 responses to “Dinner Date

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  2. Would they have been able to tell how hard it can be to be stood up if the game had some more depth? Was that perhaps the meant purpose of the game?

    Sounds like they missed the mark if you felt it did not tell a story worth the time.

    Reading the games site it says that Stout Games (the company behind it) was created by Jeroen D. Stout, so it does sound like a one man company, so perhaps he was stood up himself and venting it through this game?

    One can only wonder if that might be so.


    • Yeah, I suppose so. I would guess that the purpose of the game was to make the player feel with him, however I felt that it quickly became emotionless where I just clicked everything to make anything happen.

      It might be so, hard to guess really.


  3. Sounds like maybe a test game for something more? If not just a person releasing their first ‘game’ they made, so to speak.

    The real question is how did you stumble across it? Hehe.

    I suppose maybe it could also be a Developer showing how they could maybe add so much realism to a game it will eventually become just like every day real life? Having dinner, a smoke, just so much realism being put into games. Realism is good of course, but it is needed in dosages.

    -A small question: What would you call ‘too much realism’ in a game? And if you have found any games that you saw was made so realistic that it lost out in story and gameplay.

    Nice to see you posting again! Imagine you are quite busy finishing a few games at the moment, so will be looking forward to the.next posts! 🙂


    • Might be. I stumbled across it when I was searching for romantic games actually, however this was nothing like that.

      I suppose, should be a bit more involving or interesting to actually play through though. You can’t really control him, just sit and listen to him talking.

      I dunno what I’d call “too much realism”, is there even such a thing? Isn’t it good if games are as realistic as they can be?


      • Ahh, and I imagine you found ‘Hakuoki’ also on this hunt for Romantic games? 🙂

        You can’t control him at all? Not even walk into the restaurant at least? Seems a bit more like a story narrated then a game…

        When I say ‘too much realism’ I mean like… It gets so realistic, you think “This is just like real life… Why am I playing a game of real life?”. What I meant by it is that, we may reach a point one day that games get so realistic, so believable, that we lose that thing we enjoy in games: A different world.
        It’s nice to have a realistic world, because you can relate to it better, but a weird, wonderful, ‘imaginary’ world is what should be highly encouraged in games. Sure they can make the world ‘realistic’ and ‘believable’, but not so much that it becomes hard to differentiate between a fantasy world and the real world, because then where is the excitement in exploring the ‘real world’. I’d like to explore something a Writer has carved right out of their imagination and put into our hands.


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