Games today…

So, the other day I started thinking about all the the games I’ve been playing and it got me wondering.
What has happened to games today?

Back in the days, when people used to play games on NES/SNES and so on, the games could be short, sure, only to be played in one sitting maybe but they had the ability to save for example and as the time went on, the games got longer and better because people craved it. People craved quality over quantity and that is what they got. The game makers strived to please the people, to make them love their games.

As time went on further, that quality has seemingly turned into quantity again. Games are getting shorter, less content and the makers couldn’t care less about the people buying it. Just how much money they can make on it. Millions of crappy games comes out more often than I can even count.

The sad part of it all is that the “new generation” of people let them. They let them make poor games, they let them charge so much money for it because their attention span is so short, they are so uncaring that the quality doesn’t need to be there. They can charge so much for a game, people will love it still and I can’t for the life of me understand why. Is it stupidity or just general carelessness?

Game popularity today have been reduced to applications on phones. The graphics are the only thing that is keeping up, on consoles and PC, but who cares really?
Why do people want these storyless and saveless games? Birds flapping around? Crushing candy? Are people really getting that simpleminded and none interested? Can it really be true?

Most people today think that they can throw around the words “gamer”, “nerd” and “geek” just like it would be nothing special. People sitting on facebook with their tiny farming games thinking that they are gamers just cause they sit there, all day long and “play games”. That is not the case imo. The words have become fashionable, just like the games have. People don’t care about games, not in the sense that people used to.

Just cause you play applications on your phone, doesn’t give you the right to call yourself a gamer, sure you play games, but you are noway near being a gamer.
The word gamer in my head means one that is actually caring about and playing games on a β€œregular basis”. One that knows more about games and the things around them rather than the occasional Facebook fake games and the like.

It has gotten so bad today that I actually get surprised if I talk to someone and that they actually have played games, real games. That is sad.

Maybe I am too “old school” or I am reading the words wrong but to me, this is how it is. Titles can be applied in many aspects of life, not all are that easily enabled. The world isn’t a place where you get “achievements” as easy as in games nowadays.

Am I the only one that feels that the games today shouldn’t be like this?

Games today would be epic if the need for quality would still be there. Games would look like Mass effect and Crysis but still have the same story content, the same epicness of Baldur’s Gate and Planescape: Torment. Or even better. The romances would be real and the interaction would be flawless. Is it only me that wants that for the future? Really?

That however makes me think of another sad part is that it seems to be few left that want that. Games today have to option to remove the story, just letting the game choose so that the player only get the action.

“Achievement unlocked: Professional reader.
You managed to read through the whole rant, well done!”


14 thoughts on “Games today…

  1. Guess that is too many replies for the Blog to take, heh…Weird way of it shrinking it down like that… But wow! Two 27″ ?! Dayum … I would have two screens but not enough space really on my desk, heh. Maybe later! Would be simpler to have two games running at once then, instead of having to alt-tab between them, and of course use chatting systems/music/web surfing etc. πŸ™‚


  2. Yay! I got the achievement “Professional reader”!
    I already had the “First time reader” and “Regular reader” my set is now complete!

    I want to focus on one thing you wrote to begin with:
    “The game makers strived to please the people, to make them love their games.”

    That is still something I think developers do, when it comes to at least the PC and console market, yes, games to the hand-held market is a bit different, I will get to that.

    The main issue I see in many games is that they are too easy, older games like Zelda, Mario etc etc (are more examples out there, old styles FPS comparing to the modern ones for example) were a lot harder to finish.
    So even if some did not have that good of a story in any way they had what is lacking in so many games today and that is as you point out – “quality” you felt you achieved something, the game had playing value, so much more then than today.

    That being said, I want to tie it back to what I started saying, the developers wanting to make gamers love their games, I still think they do, many developers want to see people playing their games, loving their games.

    But, they have a market that looks like it does, with as you also mention people with a short attention span “It’s too hard!!! make it easier” and also publishers breathing down their necks in an attempt to make as much money as possible.

    The main reason people keep buying the games I would say is because it’s convenient, they get some entertainment for a while, they don’t in many cases see it as a problem, it’s the same reason you see now a days that some people don’t see it as a problem to leave out too much of yourself or to be monitored on a daily basis both IRL and on the internet, convenience, easier to just let it go than to bother about it.

    Now that being said, let’s move on to the word gamer. the word itself implies “Someone that plays games” the first usage was to mostly demean people that was socially awkward and that was so much into games (as you point out) that they were a “otaku/nerd/geek” what ever you want to call it.

    But as with many words (geek and hacker for that matter) words in the languages evolves and starts to get a slight different meaning that they did not have from the start.

    I can agree with you that some achievement are very easy indeed to get, but achievement are also a very good way to make people interested in keeping playing a game, makes many feel that they have (oh really?) achieved something. Even if some of them are very easy to get. I Would say that they have an important part in many games now a days though, but they should be overlooked so it’s more a real achievement. I mean I will never let go of my Professional reader achievement now.

    Let’s finally touch the subject of hand-held games.
    Why do people like them? They are free, they are easy (well in a way, easy to get started at least) and you can play it for a few minutes and then move on.

    The games for phones came to be just that, something you could do while waiting on the bus etc. What wasn’t expected was the huge increase of people then being willing to pay for “crystals, points etc” so that market sky-rocketed.

    I could go into this so much further so lets start to end this huge comment.
    I do play games like angry birds sometimes, plants vs zombies etc, does that make me want less of games as you mention? Not at all, I -want- games that look amazing with an amazing game value as well. I’d love more of sandbox games, letting you roam an interesting world, with interesting stories, happenings and “people” in it. Does that still happen? Yes to some extent.

    Games are still good, some of them, you have pointed it out yourself, don’t lose hope. πŸ™‚ Together with the rest of everyone seeing this we can vote, vote with our money and spread the word.

    Great post, sorry for the way too long comment

    And for all you short attention spanned people that didn’t manage to read it all here is your TL:DR:

    Great post, keep it up! Everyone start voting with your money, do not let them get away with too simple games, the game industry is evolving as we speak (as it always has tbh), but let’s make sure it isn’t a regression, teach a kid what a real game is today.


    1. Tbh achievements are a good point to that people couldn’t care less about games today. It just shows that they need something to stay put, and that the game itself is incapable of doing just that.

      No, I would not say that someone who plays such games on the side is any less of a gamer per se, as I do the same if I should be honest though it happened really rarely.

      But yes, I agree that people should make a stand with their money and voices to change the future of the gaming industry.


      1. Not sure I agree with you that achievements are there because the game itself can’t keep people playing. Sure some games do have it like that (same reason why I voiced if Unreal will succeed as it doesn’t have a progression model)

        There are some games that has achievement systems that the game in themselves can keep people interested.

        I once watched a vlog from some guy telling about a date he once had, the girl once she found out that he were playing games (think the guy had a gaming channel on Youtube) a lot, she ended the date pretty quickly. (reason being apparently was because he was a gamer)

        Later on the guy noticed that she had spend hours and hours and hours playing Farmville on Facebook, confronting her calling her a gamer, she did not acknowledge it. So I think that many even if they spend hours at end, playing a game like Farmville, does not see themselves as a gamer.


  3. First of all, great picture! πŸ˜› God I hate those games… So many little kids screaming about Angry Birds and Candy Crush (And people on Facebook REPEATEDLY sending requests to play their crappy browser games like Farmville…)

    I agree with this post completely. Although my own generation falls under the ‘stupidity’ era, I would hope to think that I am one of the people who enjoys playing these older games and all those heavily story driven masterpieces! (I have played NES, SNES, Atari, SegaMegadrive, ZSpectrum, Commodore 64, N64, etc etc). Quality has dropped so much in the story department… I would even go to say that the old ‘beat-em-up’ games where you basically just button mashed had better stories then some of the games today! (Hehe)

    – Just a general question, what were some of the consoles you remember so fondly from your childhood?

    But anyway, mhm. Kid’s today only care about what they can show off. These generations are the ‘Fashion Gamers’: Only stick with the games that apparently ‘awesome’ or ‘hot’ because multi-million people play it, and can show off to their friends in school. Hear phrases like “Look at my Angry Birds score! Beat that!”. Mobile games, and generally in my opinion Handheld games in general (Don’t get me wrong, I love the GBA and the DS, but in the name of progression, they do slow down things a bit as they are trying to squeeze so much into a smaller platform).

    This ‘Era’ of handheld gaming went a bit off for a while, dominated by the Gameboy, however now with Smartphones (That every kid -must- have! Beg their parents for it. I mean, I’ve seen 12 year olds with iPhones. Just…Why?! I was happy with my Nokia 3310 at the age of 14, and I rarely used it then!) people are starting to treat games like Fashion. It’s… Horrible, to say the least. Games being dumbed down for children who put no effort into harder games that actually require some thought and brainpower instead of “lol fling the bird”.

    – In your view, do you think the bringing in of handheld systems either helped the market in general for game development, or hindered it in the long run?

    The term ‘Gamer’ is flung about almost as much as the term ‘gay’. Being ‘gay’ has also become a bit of a fashion, it’s flung about so much where I live its ridiculous. People going “Oh I’m gay!” then the next day “Changed my mind, straight.” (Sometimes over a damn Facebook argument! That’s another thing, Social Gaming has got out of control. Sure, socialising on MMO’s is brilliant, and playing online can be fun but… Social Network sites and games? It’s just… Not going to work, and it’s going to crash an already troubled market for PC. You go into a games store nowadays and ask for their PC section: Half of them don’t have one, and the other half have a tiny little corner of the store dedicated too it.)

    – What is your view on Social Network Gaming? I noticed your references (Very well done by the way!) and would like to hear your view on what these type of games will be doing for ‘Gamers’ today?

    You are ‘old school’, you’re ‘retro’. The -right- thing to be in gaming. You grew up in a generation where gaming was seen to be a brilliant, intelligent thing. Back when games were fresh, all these fruitful new ideas that -adult- developers had. I ain’t throwing anything at Indie companies here, I mean, some are amazing. They make really masterful games, or even single Indie developers, but I think… The trouble is, over time, people have become accustomed to be spoon fed a crap story and expect amazing gameplay and graphics to cover it. That is -not- the case! Another thing, all it’s about now, is money. Take this… Right, Steam: Early Access: You have to -pay- for an Alpha/Beta version of a game. Yes it helps the developers, maybe, but since when have we needed to pay for a beta? It’s stupid.

    In my opinion…Yes, games can look beautiful, but at the end of the day… It’s finding what style of graphics work for the story, not how amazing they are. For example, Telltale Games use a Cell-shading type of graphics system… It works, and still looks pretty nice, yet the stories and choices you make are brilliant! The focal point of the game! I couldn’t care less if the graphics starting making my character look like a pot of mud, the story keeps me so interested.
    But, anyway, yes games should look nice, but Developers are cutting back far too much on the writing/story side of the game. They make these brilliant (CGI) trailers that detail on the games story (The best parts) and then throw this half-assed story out with graphics that are indeed good, but what’s the point in having a game like that? It’s like taking a donut-shaped piece of poo and covering it in sugar sprinkles.

    – Was there any game recently that -really- cheesed you off? I remember in your Bound by Flame post you were frustrated with the near non-existent ‘Romance’. Was there anything in any other game you found particularly annoying?

    And yes, Achievements πŸ˜› My God. So pointless… I had an Achievement this morning just for starting the Benchmark. You know what that said to me?: “Wow yes! Well done for pressing that button! You must be an -amazing- ‘Gamer’!” πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

    Would love to hear more of your views again! Was very enjoyable reading this and finding so many points I agree on. Have fun, and try not to get too frustrated with todays kids and games!


    1. I remember my own crystalised Xbox that I loved and Playstation 1, and I often had my pretty purple Gameboy Color in hand most of the times as well.

      I think that bringing in handheld games into the equation were both a good thing and a bad thing. I mean, it gave way for the mobile games that we see today imo but it also gave some good games generally.

      I agree that it is kind of stupid, I prefer the donate system in some ways. That enable the player to pay for the beta if they want to, just to support and not by force.

      Yeah, Bound by Flame really ticked me off in the sense of shitty romance. I suppose in some way that another game I’ve been playing, Deadly Premonition, also gave me a bad taste in romance. It was cute sure, but I wanted so much more.
      Haven’t really played that many bad games recently that I can remember. Last that I can really remember was Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 3, that was horrible.


      1. Ooo those Xbox’s! I remember those, but ‘eh, I never have been a fan of the Xbox! Playstation Fan always hehe, though I’ve stopped buying consoles really (PC ftw). My last ‘console’ was a DS, and that was only for Pokemon hehe πŸ™‚ But yes, I did love my Gameboy’s! Had one of each Gen! (I actually had a bright green Gameboy Colour! Although my Game Boy Advance was purple πŸ™‚ My SP was that… Tattoo Edition).

        Yeah, it paved the way to mobile, was the main reason I felt that it kinda was bad in some ways. I did enjoy those games also though! Like the… Megaman game I had once! Blue Moon, or something… Either way, I did have lots of fun on those games!

        – What game do you remember most from Handheld’ing? And if you could, would you have liked to have seen it on PC in a bigger version?

        Mhm. The Donate system is cool, or something similar to Kickstarter. Can donate however much you want, and still contribute to the end game product and time taken to complete! Even get varying rewards for each level contributed!

        – Do you agree with the varying rewards in contributing? Or do you feel it’s a bit unfair for people who really like the idea of the game, but cannot guarantee that they can afford the reward level they want?

        Yeah, the blog you posted did show your distaste a lot for the Romance story in that game. I agree it was rather limited from the knowledge I got from your post! And oh? Hope to see that review soon then! Maybe some suggestions yourself on how to have improved the Romance πŸ™‚

        I have yet to play DA:2, but I have heard many bad things about it’s story…However I have done ME:3. I didn’t play the original ending mind, I had the extended version, so not sure how bad it truly was… However, yes I felt ME:3 didn’t expand upon much Gameplay wise from ME:2 apart from the gathering of members for the War. Romance wise it was a let down from ME:2 also I think, I felt there was much more closeness in ME:2 where ME:3 kinda just didn’t expand upon anything and your Sheperd and Romance just end up sleeping together towards the end.


        1. Yes, PC is the way to go for me as well mostly. I still love the Playstation 2 however, epic games to that one.

          I mostly played PokΓ©mon on my Gameboy Color, Zelda: Oracle of seasons and actually some Harry Potter. That was fun.

          I would, in some way, say that the rewards gotten from donation is a bit silly on one hand. Sure it is awesome to get something worth besides the game when you donate, but as you say, there are people that are equally into the game, but with the lack of the needed money. So it is a bit unfair. But it is still a fun thing, like a preorder, only better.


          1. Ahh my Playstation 2… That old time sucker! I spent so many hours on that thing (Totally not memorising cheat codes :-P). Used to love getting home from school and running up to my room to turn it on, ahhh…

            Yeah, Pokemon was what I played too. Had so many as well! Pokemon Yellow was my favourite old one… Shame I don’t know where it is now :-/ Could have been Rare one day… Zelda I played on my N64 πŸ™‚ Along with some other games, like Super Mario 64.

            – Actually, another question: Emulators. What are your views on those? Do you feel it is good to have an Emulator of an old console so everyone can try it? Or would you rather get the feel for the actual controller on the console and such?

            – And furthermore, the introduction of a VR System. For example: The Oculus Rift (Which the license was recently bought by Facebook! Nooo!). How do you feel about bringing a Virtual Reality to games like RPG’s? Would you welcome the idea, or feel technology isn’t ready yet to deal with such a bulky system? (On that note, the Dev Kit R2 came out for the Rift. It’s smaller then the original, but they intend to make the consumer version even smaller/advanced!). Would you feel worried for the price tag on one of these? Another limit for Gamer’s with less money maybe.

            Yeah, the donation system is good, and the rewards are nice! Just a shame it is a struggle for people with a lack of money… Maybe some other way to earn rewards? Maybe they spread the word of the game themselves. Kind of like a little…Reward Bin. Spread word of the game themselves, which will help the popularity, and push forward the Developers interest in getting the game out with more added! And mhm, it is fun. A little reward to look forward too πŸ™‚


            1. I love emulators tbh, they are a great way of testing games that you don’t own the console for, or aren’t able to get a hold of today. But the actual consoles in front of a TV is a nice feeling.

              I dunno what to say about it really. I would prefer more screens or such. It is overrated, I think, to place such a device onto the market of today instead of fixing things that need fixing instead. Things are just getting pushed out for the money instead of actually making it playable for long or just upgrading what we have.
              Many consoles and such are still too advanced for the games coming out and mostly PC game publishers are just lying to get people to buy new computers. I have an 8 year old computer with an 8 year old graphics card that run all games perfectly on high settings, why change?

              Overall it is stupid, and I would not use it. Would probably hurt my neck using it as much as I play games, if there would ever come out any proper ones to it.


              1. I use a few Emulators, mostly Handheld because in the end I won’t really play them much If I have the real thing. Plus you can make the screen bigger on PC, heh. But mhm, I love seeing an old N64 or SNES parked in front of my TV. Those old cartridges… -Blows on the bottom of one and shoves in the top!- Man, I loved those Cartridges. Much better then discs in my opinion.

                Yeah I think that it isn’t really ready. The headset is farrr too bulky, let alone unrealistic. Sure it might be immersive for a little while… Though a thing that size will eventually start to ache (As you mentioned, hurt your neck). Plus I’d be worried, personally, about eye damage. I mean that VR screen is pretty close to your eyes, and no long term testing has been done (I think) of the actual effect it can have on the eyes. It isn’t really a risk I’d be willing to take unless I have some proper information.

                Mhm, consoles and PC’s are too advanced. Even the PS3 still hasn’t been fully utilised of everything it has, and that came out in 2006. But, of course, it’s all about having the shiniest new toy for kids to show off with! My 560ti in my old system is still running strong against new games! Only part that dragged it down was the old AMD CPU which had seen better days. That is why PC’s are so much better then console, the upgrade-ability, etc.

                – Think you’ll need to upgrade anything at all for your PC soon enough? You should blog your System Spec ! 8 years is a hell of a time nowadays for not to upgrade tech. I mean, it’s 3 days and your ‘new’ technology is already outdated.

                I wouldn’t use/buy it yet. Bring out something that is fully-safety tested, smaller, and less of a nuisance to wear, then sure. But right now… A Developer Kit model is just too much ( I remember some pictures of the Developer Playstation 2! That thing looked like an old VHS player! Was massive! )


                1. It might be outdated, but not unusable. It’s silly how computer parts come out that often. There isn’t really a need for it, besides people showing off their shiny overpriced toys.

                  I could post my specs, but bet that wouldn’t be to interesting.

                  I will upgrade my system soon I think, just cause my HDDs have started to malfunction, in the same change I’ll fix up my computer to support a triple boot and maybe a new screen.


                  1. Yeah. They should keep the Hardware updates at least a few months gap between, then when they -do- show something, it’s a huge leap forward instead of just little bits every few days. Plus they could put a lot more effort into Development instead of marketing every little thing that comes out.

                    You never know, could be a good combo you got in your computer.

                    Hmm HDD… At the moment I’ve got a 240GB SSD and a 2TB HDD. I highly suggest an SSD if you can get one, even if only 120GB. They are very fast! And last for years. Can just put the games you are playing at the moment on it, and of course the Operating System you use the most.
                    Oh? A triple boot? Going for a lot there! And yes, a bigger screen is what I went for before upgrading, however it will put a strain on older GPU’s.

                    -What size screen do you use at the moment, out of interest? I had a 19″ before but now on a 22″ Widescreen. Looks a lot better.


                    1. I have a 22″ screen at the moment, but I will change up for a 27″ later and maybe in the future have two of them, side by side.


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