Heavy Rain

So, I just finished a playthrough of Heavy Rain and I have to say that it is a remarkable game. The whole feel of the game is that you take charge in your own interactive movie. Taking your character through tasks such as showering, frying eggs and using the toilet to jump over things, dodging cars and solve puzzles. I had high expectations after playing Fahrenheit, I love that game and hoped that this would be just as good. I’m not disappointed, this really is a beautiful game.

You’ll see life from the eyes of a few people, mainly Ethan Mars, a poor father that have ended up in one of the worst situations one could imagine. The game takes you on an adventure filled with a lot of button pressing, making you use almost all of the buttons on the controller at some points. You have to press them, to perform actions, in the right time or face the consequences. The story takes a lot of turns and the ending might not be what you expected.

The story is intriguing, interesting and captivating. I couldn’t wait to see what happened next. If you haven’t played this game yet, you really should. This is one of those few games that should be played in a lifetime, that and Fahrenheit.

How far would you go to save the ones that you love?


7 thoughts on “Heavy Rain

  1. I can’t do anything else but to agree with you, love this concept on games, a strong written story that pulls you in and you can’t wait to see what happens next.

    A remarkable game and nicely written review of it.

    To answer your question I would want to say that I would be able to go very far for the ones I love.
    I think I would do so as well, at least sitting here in the safety of my own flat.

    What do you feel about this game being a PS3 exclusive? Does it remove things from the gamingscene when companies forces it to be an exclusive or does it enhance the game as they concentrate on just one platform during development?


  2. Heavy Rain! Such an amazing game. πŸ™‚ Ever since I saw the first trailer for this, I knew it’d be taking me on a journey. Quantic Dream’s Fahrenheit was good, but I have to say, Heavy Rain really brought them into the limelight for me. Albeit Fahrenheit did have more of a feel that, they didn’t worry about the age restrictions in games, Heavy Rain still had their awesome game mechanics.

    – Going back to Fahrenheit, how familiar did it feel in terms of Gameplay?

    Starting up, just the loading menus/logos felt climatic. The pitter-patter of ‘heavy’ rain in my headphones, the droplets dripping onto my screen, it set the stage so well. I’m not usually one for the multiple camera views on one screen at a time, but this felt like some sort of movie experience more then a game at some stages.

    – Did you play with headphones? I know this game is PS3 only, but I do have a pair of headphones that are compatible with my PS3.

    The story itself was involving and cryptic, a well put together stage of events that I have to say, was well played out between all the different characters. I, myself, would say my favourite character out of them would be Scott Shelby. Badassery in a calm, critical mind. Don’t let his rotund apperance fool you! This guy is a Ninja in a trenchcoat! πŸ˜€ (A snazzy trenchcoat at that!)

    – Which was your favourite character? And what/when made you decide they were your favourite?

    The gameplay itself, although nothing extremely groundbreaking, it lent itself well to the movie style! Sometimes the analog stick movements felt a bit like they were missing my own movements, however that could be down to my controller, who knows.

    Overall a brilliant game that I really will never forget. I could easily playthrough this again with different choices for the multiple endings! Sometimes finding out the bad endings can be just as interesting as the good.

    – I would ask which ending you got, but could be spoils! So don’t have to answer if you want, but which ending did you get?


    1. The gameplay is very similar, however I played that on my Xbox and I do not play with headphones, I do have my surround.

      My favorite character was Shelby, because he was so caring at the same time as he was badass.

      Let us just say that the ending was good.


      1. Ahh, Playstation here. Afraid I could never get used to those Xbox Controllers… Plus I had a Playstation first, so ‘eh. Even the 360 and Xbox One controllers make my hands sweat. Surround, niiiceee… I have 7.1 surround headphones so I just use those. πŸ˜› Feels more like I’m right there in the game.

        Mhm, Shelby… He seemed so calm and non-violent at first, but then he showed he has a fighting side! A very good one at that! My least favourite would probably have to be Madison I’m afraid… Although don’t get me wrong, she wasn’t a bad character, she was just my least liked to play. πŸ™‚

        – Which was your least favourite?

        Yep, anyone who played will agree, no doubt! And anyone who hasn’t is missing out.


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