Stardew Valley

So, I am not afraid to say that I absolutely love Harvest Moon and has been heartbroken that the series has been hugely underwhelming. But recently I heard about this game that is called Stardew Valley, an Harvest Moon 2.0 epicsauce in my opinion. It isn’t out yet and I can hardly wait.

It has everything that Harvest Moon has, just better, grander and just more complete. This is what I have been waiting for all these years. The chance to actually customize my own character and change the land the way I want to change it instead of starting off in some other already made characters boots.

Sure the story might still be a bit ‘Harvest Moonish’ but the options, the customization and the fact that it seems way better is just the thing that makes me almost bounce in my chair and giggle like a little girl.

So, go check it out and join in on the fun. The game can actually even be played with friends.

Stardew Valley
Stardew Valley on Steam

3 responses to “Stardew Valley

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  2. You shouldn’t be afraid of admitting that you love playing Harvest Moon, many with you do, I did when I played it as well.

    This game looks very interesting, the co-op for it is a really nice touch that I think will add great value to the game.

    I can see why you’re looking forward to it and so will I to be honest, have some nostalgic memories of Harvest Moon so. 😛 Nothing wrong with a “Harvest Moonish” story now is it? 😛

    Thank you for another heads-up about a game that looks very promising.


  3. Harvest Moon! I play this still in my spare time, though not my usual type of game but its style of looks has always brought back fond memories of playing on my GameBoy and GameBoy Colour/Advance when I was younger.

    This new ‘Stardew Valley’ sounds promising. Though I may not play it exclusively as a main game, it could be a fun little side game I can play when I don’t want to get into a big story game. I’ll keep an eye on this, and maybe, because its on Steam, it’ll have an Early Access Beta on there to try it out.


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