Listed hopes for 2014

So, saw some games that’s getting released and will keep me afloat through the year and thought I’d list them here. I am also waiting on a few mods that I will mention as well.


Fallout 2 Restoration Project (final version)
The restoration project for Fallout 2 that fixes bugs, missing content and much more. I’ve just played Fallout 3 and New Vegas so far so this will be quite interesting to try out.
Fallout 2 Restoration Project

Deus Ex: Revision
Fleshes out the levels of Deus Ex. A game that is truly awesome and well worth a playthrough.
Deus Ex: Revision


Number 1 on my list have to be Pillars of Eternity. An old school game that caught my eyes directly, and I’ve posted about it before. (Here)
Pillars of Eternity

Number 2 is Torment: Tides of Numenera. Said to follow the footsteps of Planescape: Torment. Can only hope it’s almost as epic. Also a title that I have mentioned a bit about before. Recently saw that it is tba 2015 rather than 2014 but will still be mentioned here.
– Torment: Tides of Numenera

Number 3 is Dragon Age: Inquisition, I’ve played both the first and second (sadly) and sure hope that it will be as good as the first one which I love so much.
Dragon Age: Inquisition

Number 4 is The Witcher: The Hunt, an really epic story. I love the first and the second of these as well, I really hope that the third won’t let me down.
The Witcher: The Hunt

Number 5 is Murdered: Soul Suspect. The concept sounds really awesome and sure hope that the game holds up. The story of the man in the trailer is what got my attention, I mean, fun ‘twist’ wouldn’t you say?
Murdered: Soul Suspect

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4 responses to “Listed hopes for 2014

  1. A good list of suggestions, probably will try to look into all of these, well almost all of them at least.

    But lets only comment on some of them.

    Fallout 2 is a great choice, it is one of my personal favourites when it comes to games and game series, only New Vegas that I haven’t tried yet, even tried Fallout Tactics.

    The trailer for Dragon Age had me picturing Aeryn Sun, the character Claudia Black (the voice actress playing Morrigan) played in Farscape, good to see her back as Morrigan, looking forward to this game, loved the trailer for it, but should probably finish the first one before it’s released. 😛

    Was very intrigued by the trailer for Murdered: Soul Suspect, think it can be an interesting story in that one. Also liked the concept for The Age of Decadence and Bound by Flame.

    The trailer for Lords of the Fallen was very good, very nicely rendered and choreographed

    Now before I suggest some games of my own that I personally look forward to I want to say that The Sims 4 actually looked interesting if you are interesting in building houses, nice tools for that, probably wont pick up the game just for that.

    Oh and I think you might be stuck in the “simscreator” most of the time if you are going to be playing that game. 😉

    Now lets end this long comment by adding some of my suggestions, as you might see they are not RPGs, well one MMORPG I guess, but you’ve done a good job adding those yourself.

    GTA V for PC
    The Elder Scrolls Online
    StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void
    Galactic Civilizations 3


  2. Ooooo big list for 2014! 🙂 Lets hope they all have an early release so can try them all before the end year!

    Ooo Fallout 2 Restoration? I have only played FO3 and New Vegas too (Much preferred FO3). The old Fallout(s) look a ton different so definetly a new experience.

    Also had a look at number 2 myself. Quite a fun looking game and signed up for news mail to keep an eye on it! What out of this list do you think you will play first?

    Number 3 I am currently playing Dragon Age 1 when I get the time. Some bits surprised me so far, but yes I have heard bad things about DA2. Hopefully this new one does bring some good stuff back! Do you think I should play DA2 still or leave it for the new one?

    Number 4 I have been reading up about for a while in the franchise. Like the idea of this being a open world version, but I know how well the stories were in the previous games so if they can make a great story with the addition of open world, will be another great mix!

    Cant say I’ve heard of number five before this list. Will take a more thorough look when I can.

    Number 6, 7 and 8 I have all seen and intend on giving a shot. Less so 6 as I haven’t seen enough positive things about it. Lots of survival/apocolyptic games out recently and this one looks like something similar.

    Number 9 I again haven’t heard of, and wow. Another Sims? Heh. They make so many expansions for each Sims its a wonder they still make them. Sims 2 and 3 both had Pets expansions for example. Sims 3 had the fun World Adventures though but other then that I didn’t get any other expansions. What makes you keep going back to Sims you think?

    Overall an excellent, although very long, list! I hope you have the time to finish/play them all and give reviews out for them! Thanks for telling us though, looking forward to seeing them! 🙂 Mainly I hope you enjoy playing them all instead of feeling a bit bogged down by so many. Good gaming!


    • What game I will play first depends on what game that comes first.

      I don’t think that you should play the second Dragon Age but maybe it will help for the third as it will incorporate characters from it, or so I’ve heard.

      Think that the fact of me going back to The Sims all the time is the lack of proper building/family life games out there besides Harvest Moon.


      • Hmm… I’ll see if I can get into Dragon Age 2, but it will solely be for that fact that it links in characters. Don’t want to be left in the dark of older characters, but then again it’s Bioware. They might do a similar thing with it like Mass Effect when it came out on PS3. Give you a comic of the previous game to make decisions in, then that is implemented into the new one.

        Yeah I agree. The Sim’s seems to be the only game of its type (That is well known), which is a bit surprising not many other big Companies have had a go at it. But, then again, that could be due to the fact the Sim’s dominates that market and Companies don’t wanna risk the implication’s of going up against EA/Maxis.

        On the note of those games, I remember a highly anticipated game I was looking forward too: Spore. I watched the original trailers and it looked really good! I even pre-ordered a year early, but sadly they did a massive overhaul of its graphics and made it cartoon-y. Though it was a fun game, I still prefer the old style graphics.


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