Music: Ghost

“Black candles burn, all minds aligned.”

So, recently I was at a Ghost concert and I have to say that it was epic. Papa Emeritus II have such a voice and the whole performance was hauntingly good to say the least. I was standing almost at the front and got a good look of the band when they played. The energy that was in there with all the people was really nice as well.

I really enjoyed the performance and would love to see them again sometime.

Two other bands that were opening up for Ghost was:

   Night                                                                                                                                                Dead Soul

2 responses to “Music: Ghost

  1. I haven’t listened to this band before but after watching the Live video for this event I must say it was quite an epic performance! Can clearly see where Papa Emeritus revelled in the excitement of the crowd and he looked right at home on that stage with his band members.

    Quite a different look on stage too. Last Concert I attended wasn’t as decorated in the stage as much as this. (However that could of been because it was a bigger stage. The concert in question was the Warrior Dance Festival).

    One question I have is what kind of entrance and exit to the stage did Ghost get from the crowd? Was it a unison cheer or a bit of low cheering in suspense for what was about to play?

    Nice taken pictures also! Good job getting close to the front! I can imagine the crowd all wanted to get quite close although hopefully not right next to a speaker. Hopefully you get another chance to see them in the future also.


  2. Personally I’ve never seen them live only listened a little to their studio albums, up until about a week ago where I got to hear a bit of one of their live shows, such different energy I must say, very captivating, must’ve been really magical seeing them.

    Listening to that live show with them made me regret not going to see them when they were here in town, will have to try and do so at another time in the future.

    You don’t mention the other bands that much, how were they? Anything to mention? Worth the time looking into?


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