Machinae Supremacy: Concert

Recently I went and saw Machinae Supremacy live and it was, and is still, a moment of pure epicness. Though the sound could have been mixed a bit better and not been so loud. It ruined the singing. I had the time of my life and they are so good, people were jumping and singing along.

There were two bands that played before Machinae Supremacy. Those were:

Beneath my Feet
(With some help from Richard Sjunnesson from The Unguided and ex-Sonic Syndicate)




6 thoughts on “Machinae Supremacy: Concert

  1. A post about a metal concert? Bands I barely heard about? Time to change that.

    So I took upon myself to see if I did like these three groups you noted in the post.
    Started out by looking for Machinae Supremacy, sure I have heard them before, but always good to refresh ones memory and again they did not disappoint, found a live show from 2011 that I listened through. The other two followed suite, two new groups I hadn’t heard at all before and I have to say that Sarea was a surprise, enjoyed their songs.

    So thank you for yet another good tip, not the first time I find music I like through this blog, you have good taste it seems.

    Are you thinking about reviewing more concerts/bands or was this more due to it being Machinae Supremacy that was playing?


  2. Lucky!!! I need to see them Live … Awesome pictures also! Very high quality and nice angle for the snaps. Can see you were, if not in front, very close to the front!

    The other bands look quite flashy too! And that one with three singers, how were they? Seems like they had a lot of members. Unless it was because they had the helpers on with them too.

    Looks like it was lots of fun! Should definitely share those pictures around, very good picture taking there. Look forward to seeing more!


    1. Thank you, and yes, I was at the very front. Even fistbumped the bass player, Andreas at the end.

      The band with lots of people had actually at that moment, four singers. But one was a guest from The Unguided.
      Both of them sounded okay but the mixing was bad and it was hard to hear everything.
      But both bands were nice, wasn’t as nice as MaSu though.


      1. Wow nice :O Hehe, I’ve never been that close. Only Concert I’ve been too, was a huge one, and there was…A gate, then a gap of grass, THEN the stage so even if you were at the front, you couldn’t get close. (And the Security were there too).

        Ahh right okay, nice of him to join in! And aww thats sucky. Things can get too loud sometimes, especially if right at the front… And yeah, MaSu rules! 😀


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