Pillars of Eternity is finally out!

…And, I have no computer to play it on, it makes me sad. My computer decided to break down some week ago, thus keeping me from playing the game.

Have any of you played it yet?


One thought on “Pillars of Eternity is finally out!

  1. Soon… dot tm.

    But nooo! No PC? D-: Where will I go to get my blog posts now?! Craigslist?! 😛

    All joking aside, all the best to getting a new PC 🙂 You need to do that 2015 list and time is slipping by now with no system! Though I guess this kinda helps with release dates. Time will seem to pass quicker I think. But, I will play this soon (Hence the start of the comment!) and either wait till you post a response of your own experience or do the reply here 🙂

    Good luck!


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