Elder scrolls: Oblivion (modded)

So, I just finished the main quest in Oblivion, and just as in Skyrim, I got really disappointed. It is short, boring and really not creative at all. I mean, does -every- town need to have one gate that they need me to close, really, everyone? Stupid Oblivion gates. I just sprinted through them anyhow, good thing my character is so fast.

Other than the fact that the main quest being so bad, the game is actually really pretty and an intriguing world to explore. Some mods here and there to boost it (I didn’t change the landscape nor the textures) it was really fun to explore, but oh my, the race hate against the Khajiit or furlicker as my character was generally called.
As you may have noticed, I play as a beautiful female Khajiit, with bow and speed. An archer is something that I always seem to choose in the Elder Scrolls games. It is the most fun way to play in my opinion, and the fact that I can see the creepy people first before they see me is a big bonus, and to be honest, I wouldn’t have been able to play any of the “beast” races if it weren’t for the character mod that I added. I generally think that they are really “ugly” and often just go with the elves, but this mod really made all the races way better looking. The mod is called: Oblivion Character Overhaul v2

I pushed as many quest mods into my game as I possibly could and I haven’t regretted any of them. Mods that are really worth mentioning are Malevolent and Chorrol Plateau, really well made mods that makes you want more weather it’s to build your own house or get possessed by an piece of armor. A standing ovations to all the people placing their voices in quests and making the epic quests as well. Good work and I am envious of your creativity.

Another mod that I wouldn’t have lived without, being the hoarder that I am, is my pack donkey mod. Pushing all my loot onto him was essential for all my dungeon/gate runs and just to make my hording pay off, I added another mod that let me own my own adventure store, complete with a shopkeeper and a guard. Thanks to that and my hording, I have never needed to think about septims again in the game. In my bank (that is a mod as well) I have collected over 250.000 septims by now.

I have to ask however, why aren’t any quests built around flowing meadows and kind places rather than always forcing me into scary dungeons or Ayleid ruins that makes all those scary sound (I added some extra sounds to my game as well) and that are almost only inhabited by the walking dead?

After 85+ hours, I have managed to finally get off my ass and finish the main quest just because the gates were starting to bug me to much. I also played through the Shivering Isles quest and hands down, that little expansion is way better than the entire main quest of Oblivion, isn’t that fun?

Some of the other mods I used was:
DarNified UI
Enhanced Camera
Martigen Monster Mod
Among many more.

I would recommend this game but … I’ll just say, play Morrowind instead, way better.



3 thoughts on “Elder scrolls: Oblivion (modded)

  1. Ahh Oblivion, my first delve into the world of the Elder Scrolls! (On PC mind you. I wasn’t interested at all in this on console, just could never get into games like this on console. Was terrible.)

    – If Elder Scrolls games after Morrowind were solely made for PC, do you feel they would have been better as more time would have been spent on the game then making console ports, or?

    First off I have to agree with the Gate remark! Far too many, and they’re basically all the damn same! Just subtle map changes but all have the same final tower, and same final outcome. I eventually just sprinted through everything, grabbed the Orb, and was like “lolbai” -Teleports out-. They could have done a lot more with a lot less Gate’s. It didn’t really feel dangerous at all, just felt like… They were desperate and all they could do was open these gates with barely any enemies in. No wonder they wanted to invade Tamriel because of their crappy maps!

    – Do you think they should have just made one huge map in Oblivion which every Gate linked too, like a kind of parallel Tamriel? Can go there to kill enemies and what not, but the final boss tower being in a different Gate?

    Yes, saw a lot of ‘racism’ towards beast races, but then wasn’t that nearly the same in all Elder Scroll’s games? Kinda, segregated from the rest? I think Khajiit got the most hate because of their nature. Argonians mostly just stuck to themselves so I guess they didn’t really get as noticed in the game world. I generally also always play a non-beast race on Elder Scrolls, even with beautifying mods! My most common choices are Wood Elf or Breton.

    – Surprised you didn’t play Elf! On this playthrough anyway. Did you feel the racism made it more realistic culture wise to the human races, or just silly to have so much?

    Oh yeah, Oblivion had some amazing custom Quest content by players. One in particular I loved, and was very long and big, was the Frostcrag Reborn modification. I didn’t know what I was getting into when I got that, I thought it was just to make the Frostcrag Tower bigger/better, but boy was I wrong. It added a ton of backstory, and multiple quests that took you so deep into the mountains below Frostcrag with custom enemies and armour! Loved every second of that mod!

    – If you were still playing this, and had the Frostcrag DLC, I’d highly recommend Frostcrag Reborn! Very beautiful scenery in the mod with a high difficulty level because of the tough enemies..

    Other then that, most other mods I got were similar to yours I guess, to improve the quality of life within the game. Make exploring easier with bag mods, new housing, weapons, although I did download a few new texture mods and such. New UI also which cleaned it up a lot, and I also did get new character visuals because… Well, lets face it, Oblivion characters -badly- needed a facelift!

    – Speaking of the NPC’s, did you feel like they fit in well? Or did they just seem too static/odd in their environment?

    – “Stop right there, criminal scum! You violated the law!” I’ll have those words and that voice burnt into my brain for years to come…

    I agree there with the whole ‘forced dungeon’ for Questing. While there were some interesting stealthy/investigation quests, I always hated following the quest marker just to come to one of those damn ruins with the circles on the door. I was just like “… Walked all this way for this. I should get a job as an archaeologist, not a warrior.” however when I saw dungeons like the mod I mentioned before, Frostcrag Reborn, it made me love them! Such beautiful workmanship and detail!

    Daymn so many hours… Although, looking at my total playtime hours on Steam for Oblivion adds up to 209 hours so… Guess you can say I really enjoyed modding the hell out of it! Also I agree, the Shivering Isle’s questline was so damn fun! And the Wabbajack, such a random weapon… But so much fun still turning enemies into chickens and such! Used to do that a lot too…

    A length fun post that informed me of a few mods I hadn’t tried, and also helped show more of a varied interest in Race’s from you! Nice to see you try a different race to Elf, I have never tried Argonian or Khajiit. Looking forward to the next post!

    Game on!


    1. I don’t think that it would have changed anything tbh.

      Yeah, that would have been a cool idea, actually.

      I did play as an elf at first but I changed, thinking that the kittycat after the apperance fix actually would be really fun. When I have played Elder Scrolls games before, I never actually thought about the racism in the same way.
      It made the game feel more real and grim.

      I do like the NPCs in Oblivion with their tiny lifes, however I wish they were a lot more of them.


      1. Okay 🙂

        Mhm, would save a lot of repeated seperate worlds, and just kept one big world where you could hunt for items you can only get there. Sort of like the Shivering Isle’s? But it leads to Oblivion instead.

        Yeah, I usually pick up a Wood Elf, or a Dark Elf, even if Elves in Elder Scrolls sometimes look messed up (Mods ftw!). Mhm, yeah in those times there is surprisingly more racism then sexism actually. You’d think female Warriors would be more discriminated against then just a cat-person, but ‘eh.

        I think there is a mod out there called Better Cities or something that improves the overall look and feel of the city aswell as add a lot of new citizen NPC’s 🙂


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