Going oldschool with Castelvania IV for SNES.

So, just a few moments ago I finished Castlevania IV, and if I hadn’t been playing on an emulator with save states, I would have gone crazy in one way or another. This game has a lot of bullshit moments, at least for me.

I haven’t really played many platform sidescrollers, or well barely none at all so my boyfriend thought I had to try this one. The last platform sidescroller I played was Donkey Kong 3, on my regular SNES, but it wasn’t nearly as hard as this.
gfs_40425_2_7So he and I sat down, handed the controller between one another, (in those cases when I got spastic for the little lethal things even though I could reload,) and before we knew it, we defeated Dracula.

The music in this game is a true masterpiece, I’ve heard many people comment on it as well, and the design is rather creative, both the graphics and details that make this game gives a really nice feel to it.

It’s fun to go back once in a while and play such old games and this one is well worth to at least play once.

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