Virtua Tennis 4, must be the greatest tennis game out there.

So, after multiple days and countless hours, I just finished the World Tour in Virtua Tennis 4 with my hard hitter Laviniya Quidort. A newbie that grew well with each challenge.

With lots of training, she managed to come out with gold in all tournaments and matches she joined, both big and small but due to a injury in her ankle during the last match just before the finals, she had to step down and accept a silver medal in the very last tournament, the US Super Tennis.

If I had spent some more time training, and not dabbling in the stardom that was around every corner, maybe I would have dodged the injury and won, but alas it wasn’t so, so I’ll replay it sometime to train more and beat the last tournament.

As you know by now, I am not one to play games like this but the character customization drew me in and what can I say? It is a damn fun game. The graphics are actually good and the arcade feel in the game is just icing on the cake.

The tournament takes some getting getting used to as you have a certain number of days to get your ass to the last tournament for that season. There are 4 seasons all in all, and each season gives you less time to get through to the finals. If you miss the deadline, you lose stars and you need those stars to qualify for each tournament and in the Hall of Fame.

There isn’t much more to say besides that it’s a great game with some nice music!



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