Game suggestions

So, here you can leave a suggestion on what I should be playing in the future.
Thought it would be fun to get recommendations and it helps me to get some tips on the games I should play and I can make review for games that people would like to read.

So feel free to put the suggestions in the comment box below!



4 responses to “Game suggestions

  1. As I said, you should try Disgaea, it is a VERY challenging game. I’ll try and find other rpg suggestions (or just interesting games), but that’s really the first one that comes to my mind.


  2. Got two suggestions to start with.

    1: Limbo
    This game is a puzzle-platform game that I haven’t played yet but seen being played and it’s style and game-play seems interested, would be interesting to see your take on it. or
    for more information

    2: Second suggestion is the RPG games Ultima, the ones I specifically would suggest are the Ultima VII games (The Black gate and Part two: Serpent Isle)
    Mostly because those are the two that lingers in my memory, especially the Serpent Isle one.

    Hope you find these suggestions useful and enjoyable if you try them out


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