A Story About My Uncle made me curse a lot.

So, I just finished A Story About My Uncle, and it took me around 5 hours. An evening well spent in my opinion, even if it was filled with cursing.

I cursed because it’s rather tricky to get through some points as the whole game is more or less a long puzzle. At least I think so.
I like the little story there is and the graphics. The game is looking really good. It is absolutely one of the better walking simulators I’ve played to date. My top game in that category is Firewatch.

Also, Maddie is one cute character. I liked her design and quirkiness.
This is absolutely a fun game and is really worth playing. If you haven’t already, go get it now!

I found a few new games that I wanna play from E3.

So, I watched E3 for the first time ever (I know, I’m way late). Well, mainly it has been because I’ve never wanted any spoilers nor felt the need for it. I’ve found the games I wanna play anyhow by other means.

But this year I thought, hey, let’s see what all this E3 fuss is about. And I didn’t regret it. Well maybe it is because of all the games I got so excited for. There were surprisingly many titles that I’ll be waiting for, and a few titles that I never thought would come.

For example, Elder Scrolls 6 is a huge drop for me, and I bet it is for a lot of people.
I don’t particularly liked Skyrim but I love both Oblivion and Morrowind so I can’t wait for this game.

Another game that I have been waiting for is Cyberpunk 2077. Saw the first trailer back in 2013 I think. With romance, male/female gender, customization and more, what can go wrong?

Also another game on my waiting list is We Happy Few, a trailer I saw some time ago that piqued my interest. It’s already in Early Access on Steam but I’ll wait.

A game I recently got my eyes on is Fallout 76. At first I thought I’d be really bummed that the game wouldn’t be a singleplayer game like the rest but I’m not. I’m sitting here thinking “Hey, an online fallout game? I want that!” So I’m super excited.

Something I got super excited about as well is the new Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. While I haven’t really played any of the others, I couldn’t help to be excited about this one. You can play as a girl, you have romances and all that. Feel free to tell me if any of the other Assassin’s Creed has something like that as well. I hope it drops for PC.

Another big title I swore to myself that I wouldn’t play is Kingdom Hearts 3, but when I saw what I believe is Kairi in white hair, I just have to despite it all!

Unravel 2 is another game I’ve not played the first of but both looks so much fun.

The other games that I found really interesting on E3 were:

Twin Mirror This game did not get the attention it seem to need at E3 imo. It reminds me a bit of Deadly Premonition for some reason…

Starfield It’s not much but still, a new huge game from Bethesda, I’m hyping.

Sea of Solitude

The Quiet Man

Skull and Bones


Marvel’s Spiderman

Trials: Rising

Also, an honorary mention to Trover Saves the Universe but I’ll prolly never play it as it seems to be PS4 and PSVR only. Also it’s from the makers of Rick and Morty.