Watch_Dogs is one good looking game.

121245So, the other day I finished Watch_Dogs and besides the really catchy music that I had pumping from every car I stole, it’s rather amazing how good looking it is.
It’s one of the prettiest games I’ve played. I’m really glad that I got a new computer for this, as I wouldn’t want to play it in low graphics.

This is one of those open world games that looks full of things to do, but when it comes down to it and really thinks about it, it is rather empty. It was fun and interesting at first but it turns rather repetitive after a while. It wasn’t hard to see areas where things were going to go down, and often the layouts were the same, only different objects to hide behind.

One thing I really loved was the driving, even though I might have been crashing into way to many things. But the music really pumped me up, and as I mention earlier, it’s really damn catchy. It was a good mix, and the fact that you could edit the playlist yourself let me take out all the bad music. Bye bye Hiphop.

Also, the world is really nice and felt alive. People actually interact with each other. I couldn’t help but wishing that I could actually interact with the people myself when I was walking around on the streets though. The fact that everything seem so vivid and alive is kinda destroyed when you can’t really interact with anyone at all, and when for example the firetrucks go round in circles and crash into things randomly. When I decided to follow a firetruck on it’s way to a “fire”, it shamelessly ran over dozens of civilians, and I couldn’t help but laugh.
bewbsAnother cool thing about this game is the side characters. Especially BadBoy 17 and Jordi Chin. How can you not love them? They have cool personalities and really cool design overall. Them combined with the interesting story, made this trip worthwhile. Though I would have wished for more choices, and some romance maybe.
pwnedOne thing that bothered me though, is the combat. So repetitive, and rather restrictive. I usually used the hacking skills as much as I could throughout the battles, but there were only so much I could do. It often left me more frustrated than not. Even with the cool perks and different things to hack, it left much to be desired.

Overall it is a nice game and one worthwhile to playthrough if you haven’t already.


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