Reaching lvl 5

thanksSo, here I am, a little over 5 years later since I started my blog, and just got my 100th follower. When I started this, I never believed that anyone would read anything here, let alone follow me.

I started out this year by being so thankful to all the things I had going for myself, and now as the year is almost over, I’m amazed over how fast one person can change. I’m not at all how I was when I started this year. This might all sound so cheesy and weird, but with each event or thing you learn, you grow.

My writing is still evolving faster than I manage to finish a short story, or at least it feels that way. New games still manage to keep my attention, despite the fact that games truly is going downhills nowadays. Also, tossing makeup out the window, never to return to my apartment again, is the best thing I have ever done.

A really big thanks to all of you who follows me. I really appreciate it.

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