Retro Gaming Weekend: X-Files, a really intense point-and-click.

37846-x-files_disc1of4_u-1474843343So, this weekend, I finished playing The X-Files Game, another interactive movie point-and-click game but this time for the PlayStation. I thought it would fit the Retro Gaming Weekend well.

Based upon the X-Files series, you take the role of Craig Willmore. An agent for FBI who is on the case to find the missing agents Moulder and Scully who’s gone missing.

The game will take you through Willmore’s daily life as he solves the case. It is a bit tricky, as the game doesn’t hold your hand in any way. You can get a few hints from your boss and your intuition, but they’re a bit vague.

It’s also rather realistic, for example you have to either remember numbers in your head or write them down when you need to call them. You also get a few choices in dialogue, which are time based. It may take a little while to get used to, especially when you aren’t presented with the options all to often.

Also, as you move the pointer with your controller, it can be a bit hard to reach the choice you want, and see what reaction Craig will have, before time runs out. A point-and-click like this really needs a mouse, as the joystick is rather sluggish.

Compared to a game like Phantasmagoria that adds real characters to a made-up world and lets you see your character all the time, this game uses more real areas and what looks like photographs as you move around. You also don’t see Agent Willmore all the time besides in cut scenes as this game uses a first person perspective, while you move between “squares”. Either you go left, right, ahead or look down while you explore, gather evidence and talk to people to find out what really happened.

The first part of the game is rather slow, but if you move thought it, the game will pick up and be really interesting. It is really intense, and the story twists and turns in a few directions before you can solve it all. Also, if you play your cards right, you’ll even get a bit of romance in there which is a big plus for me.

All in all, it’s actually a well worth game to play through, especially if you like detective work and crime stories, or if you like X-Files in general.

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