Mass Effect: Andromeda is looking rather nice and rather bad.

So, the reveal trailer for Andromeda just dropped the other day and I have to say that I’m  actually looking forward to it, my naive mind wants so badly for it to be good. But I’m also worried over how much it’ll probably suck.

Dragon Age: Inquisition wasn’t a good game compared to Origins, and I doubt that Andromeda will be anywhere near Mass Effect 1 and 2. Even though I’ve heard that this will indeed include romance, I can still not see it remedy it all.

Things seems to have been removed and certain aspects seems to have been dumbed down. The MMO aspects of Inquisition, for example, seems to be put in here as well. Yay…  I suppose only time will tell. Hopefully it’ll drop, sooner rather than later.

What did you think ?


4 thoughts on “Mass Effect: Andromeda is looking rather nice and rather bad.

  1. Hype is a bittersweet phenomenon. I recommend simply letting andromeda be whatever it’s going to be. Expectations lead to disappointments, but surpluses lead to growth.

    That said, I’m sure it’ll be great in at least several aspects!



  2. The trailer made me a bit confused. But I have to admit that I do not have that much knowledge about the ME universe so it’s most likely the reason why.
    Just by looking at the trailer, without any previous experience of the game, this would look more like an action game than a RPG if you ask me.
    But then again it’s a trailer to try and make people look into the game and I guess that flashy fightingscenes are needed in todays trailers.

    The trailer didn’t make me want to play the game in itself, but made me think about trying to pick up the series again where I left off instead.
    That might perhaps point towards the trailer doing something good?


  3. I loved Dragon Age Inquisition even though it wasn’t as great as DA: Origins. There was just so much fun stuff to do in the game. I especially loved hunting all the optional boss dragons. I’m really looking forward to Mass Effect Andromeda even though I wasn’t a big fan of the ME 3 ending. It being more like DA: Inquisition is a plus for me. I also can’t wait to see how good it will look in the new engine. DA: Inquisition for all it’s flaws was a truly gorgeous looking game.


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