Retro Gaming Weekend: DuckTales (NES, 1989)

So, been doing a retro game thing for a little while now every weekend, but recently I figured that I would blog about it as well seeing as there is quite a few games worth mentioning.

I started my gaming onslaught rather late in life so I missed quite a few pearls that I’ve had the pleasure of playing later. My boyfriend have grown up with them all and given me tips on what to play, and he thought DuckTales is a game I really should try so why not start the posts with that?

I really enjoyed playing this through. The music is badass and the graphics are really cute. It isn’t to long, perfect for a lazy evening. However a few sections were rather annoying, and the Moon stage is the worst of them, I must say.
This is one of the only platform games that I’ve seen that let you explore the levels as you see fit. Without neither a map or any directions, you are on your own. The levels are actually kinda large and it’s easy to get lost, or to find the right way instantly.

Also, being the hoarder that I am, I collected as many crystals and stuff as I could when I saw them while trying to survive. Easier said than done on a few places.

All in all, it is well worth a playthrough for anyone.

I suppose I should also mention there is a remake of this game, a way poorer one I’d say. With “updated” graphics and way easier gameplay.

3 responses to “Retro Gaming Weekend: DuckTales (NES, 1989)

  1. Never played this game growing up, but I did watch the tv-show and love it to this day and if this game is close to that then it’s worth getting in my opinion.


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