Dragon Age: Inquisition. Hype, hype, hype… eeeh meh.

There might be glaring spoilers in this.
So, last night I finished Inquisition and what can I say? I really wished it would be better than the second, that it would go back to the roots of the first. But what I got was all the glaring faults and poor characters from the second with even more poor things added in.

Firstly, the MMO aspect of the whole game. Mounts, killing 10 bears for their pelts, all the infinite spawning enemies when running around, the “large” areas which were only bothersome, and the fact that the main quests on the “war table” cost me points I needed to collect. Also the fact that most of the talks in the game were “overhead”, run past talks just made it feel even more pointless.

Secondly, to be so lazy as to bring in all of the old poor characters such as Cassandra, Varric, Cullen, and Hawke of all damn people. Other people to be drawn into the mess were Morrigan, Alistair, Flemeth and Lelianna. The fact that Flemeth were pulled in again after the second game, (where she appeared despite the fact that she was killed in the first/has a huge role in the first which played out simultaneously,) just felt poor and forced. Since when is she an elven goddess?

Though, the other companions wasn’t really anything to cheer about either. They are rather bland, with no real unique personality. The large tank, the brooding elf, the warrior, and so on. There weren’t a single one that I felt did anything for me to like in any way, but as I will take romance wherever I get in in games, I chose Blackwall.

That brings us to the third point, which is actually a bit of a praise. The romance aspect of this game worked rather well. It is incorporated well into the storyline and Blackwall’s story twisted in a way I didn’t expect. However, it lacked in certain aspects that would have made it even better. Like the fact that you could “talk” about your relationship but the only option you got in there were to kiss. Wow thanks. Clicking that game me this awkward kissing scene that looked like something out of a poor porn movie.

Speaking of the “war table”, the whole war theme of Inquisition just ruined the whole feel of Dragon Age and the fantasy aspect that used to have. To just narrow this down to a war game with magic and elfs made me barely finish it. Making a game like this tie in way to much to real life and the struggles we face just makes me dislike it more.

Also the fact that they randomly push in a transgender person in there just felt so tactless. Now, I don’t have anything against transgenders per se, but to roll on the whole transgender business in a fantasy game just for the attention is poor. The fact that she is neither female or male and that her story is rather thrown in your face just felt as if to just scream that there is a transgender in there. Just felt more like a slap in the face than anything else.
Speaking of hands, a while ago I wrote a post about how bad hands are in games and how I couldn’t believe that they don’t get more love. Well, Inquisition just gave me a huge fuck you and made me spend the entire game looking at the monstrosities my Inquisitor had. In. Every. Cutscene. Must have been a poor glitch but damn.

All in all, if I don’t count the war theme, the war table quests or the MMO aspect, the game is playable but nothing I would recommend.

3 thoughts on “Dragon Age: Inquisition. Hype, hype, hype… eeeh meh.

  1. Holy hell those hands were freaky!!! Well it looked really pretty (aside from the hands). But I have played pretty games that rocked and I have played pretty games that suuuuucked. Sorry this one sounds pretty meh.


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