Boarding the sheep train with Pokémon GO.

pokemongonewinfoSo, the other day my Galaxy S2 got a reflash and I updated to Lollipop to be able to try out this new craze everyone is talking about. While the application treats my phone as a cookie, and takes large chunks out of my battery each time I use it (or drain it all), I can sort of see why it has gotten such a liking. It’s familiar, cute and easy enough plus it makes you go out more.
photo424457981798755977I can’t see this holding in the long run however, the application itself is rather bare bone and offers barely any features. It must have taken the developers by storm that it got as big as it is now.

At first I was worried that I would have to pay2play with all the Poké balls I am throwing away but with the PokéStops around, that’s not really an issue.

As I mention earlier, the application makes you want to go out more and explore only to find more Pokémon, hatch new eggs or to get the distance achievements among other things. It is a fun twist to otherwise boring walks to the grocery store.
photo424457981798755976All in all, I think that it is an application worth trying out as it doesn’t cost a thing and a fun way to kill time.


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