The Second Reproduction, a visual novel about romance beyond lies.

So, I just played Queen of Darkness 2: The Second Reproduction on PC. Yay, I finally found another Otome game and I have to say that it has a rather interesting story and a small twist where you think the game will end or at least I thought it would. The men in the story might be a bit cliché but at least you aren’t stuck with a stupid damsel main heroine.

Christina or Chris is a “Champion”, a high ranked soldier in the army against the demons and also the third princess of Almenan, tasked by her mother, the Queen, to go and end the threat once and for all, she walks into enemy territory believing in all the wrong things.

The art style is beautiful and it’s well written. The type of writing in this game is one that I most appreciate. The level of description and detail is almost poetic but not overly done. It always tugs at my own inspiration strings to wanna write as well.

The story is written in an Otome game fashion as mentioned before, meaning it’s directed to females where you can pick and choose between a few different men to romance. Some stories does this right, while some does not. This is a game that, in my opinion, does it right.

This story involved three men, one human; Lezette, and two demons; Gardis and Jin. For my first playthrough I chose to go with Gardis as I always seem to have a weak spot for those dark haired, mystical guys, especially if he has knife-shaped ears.

I got a good ending with Gardis, and I can’t wait to play it again. It is a game well worth to try out, and it exists in both English and Japanese among a few other languages.

The Second Reproduction on VNDB

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