Identity, will it change how we see MMOs?

So, I was looking around for new games to play when I came across Identity and the claim that it will change the way MMORPGs are, and it really piqued my interest as I watched the video for it.

A complete open world, where the sky is sort of the limit? Count me in for sure!


6 responses to “Identity, will it change how we see MMOs?

  1. This sounds like a prettier, updated version of Second Life with more MMO aspects to it. It might actually be fun. I’ll certainly be on the outlook. This sounds like a ton of possibilities. But then… the people aspect will be interesting, too. I wonder if there’s some socio-economical scientists somewhere in the background pulling data from that. I bet that would be very interesting studies. šŸ™‚


  2. What is being said does sound interesting, but I do wonder, what will it offer, running around in an open world can sure be fun for a while, but what else? Guess I guess look up Identity a bit more, there might be more than what were being said in the trailer.


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