Movie: Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie


So, what the f did I just watch?

Regularly I’m really not one for YouTube hype but I just had to see this movie as some of the episodes that I’ve seen in passing are rather funny. I get that the movie is supposed to look bad, be low quality and so on, but the jokes are still really bad and lame despite it all.

The story is about the nerd who’s finally talked into reviewing the worst game of all times despite his greatest efforts not to. The Atari game E.T or as the movie calls it Eee Tee. The story has some really random parts and some poor characters.

The movie itself is rather low quality and some parts are so bad that they’re funny. However the usage of stereotypes makes me a bit annoyed as he states himself in his videos how he hates cliches but uses them himself in this movie. For example, the comment for Mandi in the movie; “She’s not a girl, she’s a gamer”. So what, now we’re a completely separate entity? Also the stereotypical “black mom” and the fact that nerds can’t have girls are just a few things I didn’t expect from him.

The nerd in this movie isn’t as foulmouthed and “extreme” as he is in his episodes which makes this movie way more boring than it could have been. The AVGN episodes is much better and I recommend watching them instead of this.


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