Stardew Valley, truly a game of my dreams.

So, after around 120 hours of gaming, I had to consider writing a review as this game is never ending. There aren’t anything less than complete and utter love here.

The game is a farm simulator with romance, character interaction and so many options to let you earn money. Either you’re the hardcore farmer, the gatherer, the miner, the fisherman or something in between. I went with the gatherer/miner route, as I just wanted to get the boy that I wanted and make the town love me. When I got that, I started focusing more on the farm aspect and the rest of the things.

The game incorporates a leveling system that lets you choose things on different levels to gain more out of the experience. Such as if you level the foraging skill enough, you can choose to gain more out of the things you collect or choose to get more money for the wood you sell.

Before this, I only had Harvest Moon to play and as I’ve always been someone who wants things fast with little hassle, (bad trait I know, I’m learning), I have always cheated in Harvest Moon to get everything directly besides the romance part. So, actually exploring this game made me realize that I do like the farming part as well.

In the game, there are many things to do as I mention above, and on top of it, you can decorate your house, place buildings where you want on your farm and build the decorations yourself.
The game also contains quests of sorts, the towns people asks you for things that you can collect and give to them for money and/or general friendship/romance.

Another thing with this game is that it actually lets you romance both boys and girls and if you take the same sex, you can adopt a baby, which I think is amazing. Why doesn’t every game give you such options?

The people that you can interact with in this game has different events that you can be a part of, and your romance options gives you events with the two of you alone. I’ve tried all the boys and some girls and they all do things that make you want to choose them so it’s kinda hard to choose at the end which one to marry. I took Harvey at the end because I found his “ending” event the cutest of them all.

There is marriage in this game, and you can get two babies who’ll what it seems like, will grow to toddler stage for the moment, but maybe that will change later on. The marriage part is a bit empty at the moment, but I read an article that states there is more to come!

The art style and graphics are so cute and fits really nicely to the well done music. I have to tip my hat to the soundtrack, ConcernedApe did it all so perfectly.
The fact that you can actually make your own character to start with only makes it even more epic.
I’ve noticed as well that there are mods out for this game already all around the internet so maybe in a while, the game will be one of the best simulators out there, if not THE best.

Overall this is a dream come true for me, I don’t know how long I’ve waited for it. Despite the fact that RPGs is and always be my dream games, this is my go-to game that I’ve always wished for. This is a game that everyone should play but I understand that it’s not for everyone.


Playing an RPG inside a simulator is awesome, I loved this!

3 responses to “Stardew Valley, truly a game of my dreams.

  1. I’m not usually one for farming games, but this actually looks cool! Love all the options you have for character development, particularly how open they are with relationships. So glad this is a trend in gaming in general.


  2. Still not put in far enough as many hours as you’ve done but I have to agree that this is one of the best games I’ve played.

    I myself went mostly for the farming route and I found it very soothing for my stressed mind.

    I can’t agree with you more but this game is fabolous and I hope to see a bright future for it and changes that will make you come back for more over and over again.


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