DIY: New shoes!

So, as the winter is going away now and there’s barely any snow left, I felt that it was time to buy some new shoes. And what else to do than to tweak them a little to fit better into what I like?
I got two pair of low fake converse styled shoes, one pair in purple/wine red and one pair that is completely red all over.
The wine red shoes had white shoelaces so I switched those to the red laces that came with the red shoes and gave the red shoes black shoelaces.

And because I love anything geeky and awesome, I had to write on them as well.

Wine red: “Swooping is bad…” – “My coffee warned me about it.” – “So says Mr. Stewart.”                    Red (they look somewhat pink in this pic, but they’re not): “G4M3R <–” – “–>GAMER”

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