Pillars of Eternity, finally!

Pillars-of-Eternity-Patch-1-06-Changelog-Revealed-482047-2So, finally I’ve started up a playthrough of Pillars of Eternity. At first I thought it would not measure up anywhere never to what Baldur’s Gate and all those games were, but I have to say that I am positively surprised so far.

All the walls of text, the “scriped events” that actually makes more use of your talents such as lockpicking and survival (sort of like Neverwinter nights), the companions and quests. Though if you’re gonna have an elf with what appears to be some sort of Tourette syndrome or split personality, please use it more instead of just forcing it in there first. The writing is really well done and detailed and the battle system is familiar.

I hate however that the game lacks romance, for it would have fitted perfectly. I can’t believe that they went with no romance over a choice for one because people today are stupid and just into the whole battle aspect. I can’t really see them playing a game like this however so removing romance was a dumb decision.

So far, I’m at the beginning and the game gives me a almost a sense of a “modernized” Baldur’s Gate and I love it so far. I hope that it’ll last for many, many hours still. I’ll come back with a review when I finish the game.


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