Legend of Legaia

So, I just finished Legend of Legaia. The world have been taken over by a mist that turns every human wearing a Seru into a monster. A Seru is a type of being that coexists with the humans, that enhances them and lets them do things that they normally couldn’t, like flying for example. Not everyone uses them however.

The story takes of when the little village of the main hero, Vahn, is attacked. There is a tree in the middle of the village that calls to him and it is a Ra-Seru, who then fuses with him. These Ra-Serus are different, more enhanced and isn’t affected by the mist. The tree is revived when their powers works together and it drives off the mist.

Now Vahn has a purpose, to save the lands from this mist and during his quest, he meets up with two others that thanks to their own fates, have their own Ra-Seru.

The story in general is rather linear and weak but the game is full of little details that makes me wonder why games today lacks so much. For example, the use of mirrors and character design. This game might use lots of recoloring but the design in the monsters are both funny, and really cool. The end boss had the coolest design of them all.

The battle is turnbased with a twist. You choose how to hit, using your arms, feet and Ra-Seru, which gives you a lot of combos which are called Arts and skills that would be seen as magic (like healing and attack spells). There are Arts, Hyper Arts, Super Arts and Miracle Arts.

For example, Vahn’s greatest Art is called a Miracle Art and it looks like: > v < ^ < ^ > v <. That’ll make him use every Art he has into one grand combo. All Arts use the same tactic, left, right is his arms, while up and down is his legs and a high attack.

The main character isn’t really talking at all except a few options during the game, which makes him just a visual pawn in my opinion, where his followers talks a lot and interacts with the surroundings and all the people you encounter. The game lacks romance the way I would have liked it to be, and still insists on very few occasions that there actually is some love there but it feels random and forced.

Most of the items in the game, is a bit useless as you get your healing when using the Ra-Seru and you need all the money you can get to upgrade the armor and weapons when you need it. Statuses like poisoned, fainted or such doesn’t hold after battle so if you don’t need to, don’t use items that removes it. The leveling in the game is slow, so each level does upgrade you pretty nicely.

Overall the game was really enjoyable, and rather fun to explore. If you haven’t tried it, it’s worth to play through.


7 thoughts on “Legend of Legaia

  1. This is a fun little game. Thanks for the post as it creates a lot of nostalgia for me. The battle system in Legaia was surprisingly fun if I remember correctly. Kinda innovative albeit a bit underdeveloped. I guess the story was a bit weak too for a 50 hours jrpg. I liked the romance with that town girl though come on it was cute! Anyway nice post.


  2. Remember a friend showed me a fight scene from this not long ago, and I do recall the different turn-based combat for this game! Although for some reason the graphics made me think = Nintendo 64 heh. Probably just that very early 3D graphics, similar to N64’s polygon characters!

    – Do many games change up the turn based like this? If so it would help with my interest in these kind of games.

    Also why do characters in these JRPG’s always seem to shrink haha! Does it in FF7 too. Tiny characters on screen then they suddenly grow in the battle screen πŸ˜› Is kinda odd, but I guess it helps in some way.

    – Do you know why? I’ve never really understood why they do it.

    However sadly, like FF, it is turn-based combat which I’ve never really enjoyed. 😦 This can really be a game-breaker decision for me, though I will gladly watch someone else play it and maybe join in, but for me it’s not my thing.

    – Do you think its like Marmite? You love it, or hate it? The turn-based combat I mean.

    Odd for the main character to not actually speak… Although, in an RPG sense it is odd. Quite a few mute video games heroes out there, just thought in an RPG it wouldn’t make much sense as you need to talk to NPCs!

    – What kind of Romance did it have? You say it lacked the type you wanted, unless you mean it had none at all?

    Overall a cute looking game, but not my kind of thing. As always though an enjoyable post. Looking forward to 2016 of blog posts! Game-on! πŸ˜€


    1. It might be some who do, as there are quite a few RPGs on console but they are most likely still turn-based deep down.

      I have no idea, maybe it’s graphic limitations or just a weird Japanese design choice.

      I’ve never really thought of game play like that before, the story makes up for it and I just have to get used to the battle. Simple as that.

      The character speaks somewhat, it’s just that you won’t hear him and you do get options to say different things. They do however, as I mention, cover this with the other characters speaking more.
      A few games does that, maybe for role-play purpose where you can hear him in your head rather than having the character say things that you don’t agree with.

      I would have liked that they had a better story around it rather than just saying that because they had so much time together, now they love each other. I could choose endings for romance, but nothing in the game really gave much.


  3. Reading you describe how it starts for the protagonist actually make me feel that it could be a really nice fantasy film in that,
    unfortunate game going into film hasn’t really gone that well, but who knows, if they mostly just used the mist, Ra-Seru etc it might work?
    Who knows might be that I just want to see more fantasyfilms, especially out from those stories I’ve enjoyed over the years.

    I wonder what exactly you mean with games today lacking details. Is it the developers keen sense of gameplay that is lacking? Is it things to look at, explore, pick up?

    I was going to start writing a long paragraph about the silent protagonist when I realised this game isn’t voiceacted, ruining my arguments that Vahn being silent doesn’t have to be a bad thing…
    Why do you think it is that Vahn doesn’t say much? Does the story explain it in any kind of way?


    1. Many or most JRPGs or RPGs in general would fit for fantasy movies in my opinion.

      As I mention, mirrors is something that isn’t used today like in older games. Such as Deus Ex and Legend of Legaia.

      No, all the voices they have, are in battle when getting hurt.
      But I suppose he doesn’t say much for the option to roleplay him yourself.


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