Life is Strange, such a beautiful game.

Oh my effing F. Life is Strange just blew my mind. At first it felt like it blew all the other games, in its genre, out of the water but while it’s a really good game, it lacks some things to make it truly awesome, and that is a bit more proper gameplay. It’s just an epicly glorified interactive novel with pretty graphics, but I still love it.

The characters, art, graphics, twists and options is amazing and made me shiver from time to time. Small options that you wouldn’t think matter in the end, twirls into the story well. This also makes the game really playable at least a second time. The twisty ending I really loved as well.

The fact that it was chapter based didn’t ruin the game per se, but it made me have to wait for them all before I played and I’m sure glad I did. My heart wouldn’t have been able to take the wait. Still, chapters are just a really stupid way to earn more cash, so I can’t believe people are supporting this.

The main character, Max, has a really nice personality and interacts well with everyone around her. She made me think of Jodie from Beyond: Two souls. Her powers to rewind time felt a little cheaty but the fact that both options and actions could change due to knowledge that she gained from it was a nice twist.

The only negative thing was her “gameguide thoughts” hinting me how to find stuff or things like that. Yes, I get it game, you think I am an idiot who can’t find the way if I explore for to long.

The game over all was really mature, with language, love, friendship and heavy choices. The relationship between Chloe and Max was a fresh breeze and the fact that they is so close made it all feel more genuine.

If you haven’t picked this game up yet, you really should.

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