Emily is Away, what a fun potetial.

[PDF] mainmenu.pngemilyisaway
So, I just tried Emily is Away and while it was interesting and a fun way of telling things, it was rather short, you didn’t get as much choices that changed things as I expected and you always ended up being the “guy” or just forced into something with Emily.

It has some really nice potential and a really nice feel to it. Old school feeling that brings you back to the time where MSN was the shit (at least for me) and all you thought about was friends, studies and hanging around.

Emily is Away


2 thoughts on “Emily is Away, what a fun potetial.

  1. Played this some time ago, such a frustrating game. Character not doing as I tell it to do even though I’m doing well! There’s one thing for your character to ‘do’ something you don’t want him/her to do, but its another for them to ‘say’ something you don’t want them too.

    Words can be really hurtful and can wreck a lot of things! Especially in this scenario, where all you can see is the words you type which isn’t the same as talking irl! So when my character kept changing what I wanted to say, I’ll say I got frustrated and quickly put this game down.

    Overall, a fun idea, but really the main let down was the stupid AI (Even though it shouldn’t -be- AI because -I’m- the damn player!) changing what I was saying.


    1. Many games do however have such things nowadays where you click on an option but the whole line that they say is rather different than you first thought.

      Besides, the character doesn’t keep changing what you say, it is just towards the ending really. I kind of liked it, it gave it some sort of sense of deepness rather than just being some random game.


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