Legend of Mana, one of the cutest games I’ve ever seen.

So, after 30 hours of grinding, dungeon crawling, saving beautiful Jumis and the Mana tree, I finish the game called Legend of Mana.

It has a really cute and beautiful art style and the story with all its quests are fun to do. All the characters are unique and each dungeon is very different from the last. Not to mention that it lets me choose a man or a woman to play as.

The game in it self is all about collecting, finishing everything and getting all quests, but it can be played however you like. Fast, slow, just collecting or grinding and so on.

There is also a pet system where you can find and collect pets that you’ll use in your party alongside your other companion of choice. I always used Elazul, I hoped somewhere that there would be a romance but there weren’t.

All in all, this sweet little Ps1 game is well worth the try.



6 responses to “Legend of Mana, one of the cutest games I’ve ever seen.

  1. Not heard of, or played this game, but it’s on the PS1 so I’ll say back then I wasn’t much of a gamer to have known of it! Especially as today I don’t look up PS1 games, even though my current PS3 can play PS1 and PS2 games…

    – Did you recently play this game, or played it when it came out and recently returned too it?

    Anyway! A little dungeon crawler with cute graphics. While the graphics are nice, I’ll have to say I’m not a dungeon grinding fan! Although that monster in the second row of pics looks badass, so hopefully it keeps up the badass monster and enemy trend!

    – For some reason I’m looking at this and thinking of the original Rayman on PS1. Probably just the colour scheme.


    • I played it for the first time just before I wrote the post. It is a good idea to go back to older games for quality rather than to go ahead all the time for quantity.

      It is just the color scheme, I can’t see any other resemblance.


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